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Bed Bugs Showing Up In Schools

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The bed bug population continues to grow at an alarming rate. We first started learning about bed bugs in hotels years ago. We became experts at knowing how to check the mattresses and make sure we didn’t put our suitcases on the bed. We take precautions not to bring bed bugs back from vacation with us. We know how to check our homes and seek professional help to rid us of bed bugs if it becomes a problem. One thing we may not have considered, which is now happening frequently, is bed bugs in schools! As bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers, they can easily be transported on backpacks, coats, and clothing that go from an infested home to school and hitch a ride home with someone else. Bed bug education is more important now than ever, especially in schools.

Bed bug infestations can happen to anyone. It doesn’t have anything to do with cleanliness or lack thereof. This is important to teach our kids so that we get rid of the stigma surrounding bed bugs. If people feel like they will be ridiculed for having bed bugs they may be less likely to seek professional treatment to fix the problem. They are also less likely to report a problem to the school so that teachers and the school nurse can take preventative measures. We can teach kids that bed bugs look something like an apple seed with legs and like to hide in cracks and crevices. If they see one at school, they should tell their teacher. Teachers should report suspicious bugs to the school administration quickly.

It’s important for anyone who has a bed bug problem to report it to the school, immediately. The administration will have training on how to take precautions – which can include having a child bring a change of clothes to school and laundering any items that come from home. Daily, teachers can prevent the spread of bed bugs by making sure children have places to hang their coats and backpacks that ensure they do not touch one another. Using plastic storage totes can help keep belongings separate and stop the spread of bed bugs as well.

Bed bugs are hardy creatures and generally don’t respond to do-it-yourself treatments. The professional pest control experts at Aiken Pest Control can devise a treatment plan for your school that is personalized to your issue. We use a variety of heat treatments, dog inspections, and traditional chemical treatments to rid homes and schools of bed bug infestation. We offer a follow-up plan and a guarantee that our services will work to control the bed bug infestation in your school or your home.