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Clover Mites: Dangerous Or Nuisance


To look at the tiny, clover mite under a microscope, you would be certain that this was a prehistoric creature that could wreak havoc and devour any unsuspecting creature or spread diseases with a single bite. You would think that any sane person would frantically run from the scene when this red menace appears. If the clover mite were the size of a dinosaur, it would be as fearsome as Tyrannosaurus for sure.

Fortunately, the clover mite is only about .75 mm long. It has 8 legs, although the top pair of legs that protrude near the head look more like antennae than they do legs. Since these legs are nearly twice as long as the other 6, it is no wonder that this confusion occurs. Clover mites are typically bright red; but they can be green, orange, or rusty brown. Clover mites are not insects, but rather, they are true mites.

The clover mite does not pose a health risk to people or pets, but it does feed on plants and can cause some minor damage when doing so. Their favorite meal includes sucking sap from grass, dandelions, strawberry plants, daffodils, primrose, trees, ornamental plants and shrubs, and, of course, clover. They will be especially prevalent in lawns that are lush and well-fertilized.

The biggest concern that clover mites cause homeowners is when they gather together in very large numbers on the warm, sunny side of your home in early fall. They will inevitably find their way inside by crawling through cracks in the foundation, under siding, and shingles. They can also access your home through gaps around doors and windows.  Aside from the sheer number of mites causing you grief, the clover mite can and will leave a red smudge or stain on clothing, furniture, wallpaper, and other areas of your home when squished.

When clover mites decide to invade your South Carolina home, or if you want to keep them from invading in the first place, give Aiken Pest Control a call. Our year-round pest control plans are effective at keeping clover mites, and many other common household pests, away from your home. Our industry-leading, year-round pest control plans begin with a free, comprehensive inspection by one of our highly trained and certified pest experts where potential entry points will be identified and corrective measures discussed. We will also identify conditions on your property that are drawing pests into your yard so those can be eliminated as well. Next, our experts will customize a plan that will fit the exact needs of your home and the pest pressures you are facing. After the initial visit, we will return every quarter to administer exterior applications of a low-residue, low-odor material to keep pests away from your home. Plus, if pests return between our service visits, we will come right out and make it right with no additional charge to you. Guaranteed!

To learn more about the effective, comprehensive pest control plans from Aiken Pest Control for your South Carolina home or business, simply visit our website or give us a call today.

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