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Fungus Gnats In Aiken: Keeping Them Outside Your Home

a fungus gnat on a flower

Fungus and gnats are two things most people never want to find around their homes. So, when you combine these two repulsive items, the prospect sounds especially disturbing. But, while fungus gnats in Aiken are rather nasty to have around your property, they aren’t quite as bad as their name suggests. While they can still cause issues when they invade, they aren’t particularly dangerous, and it’s possible to remove them with gnat control services.

Discover more about dealing with fungus gnats from the professionals at Aiken Pest Control and get tips on when you need to call our team for assistance.

Spotting Fungus Gnats On Houseplants 

Most people have seen gnats before. They often swarm around together on warm evenings, but fungus gnats are a distinct kind of gnat that lives primarily on plants. They are frequent indoor pest invaders that look like mosquitoes, although smaller. Fungus gnats also don’t bite, and their larvae eat the soil found on roots, fungi, and organic materials like compost.

When they get inside, they often live on houseplants so they can lay their eggs, but it isn’t easy to spot them at first. The gnats are so tiny that it’s hard to detect them unless they congregate in a swarm. They are also mistaken for other species such as fruit flies and drain flies. 

You can tell these gnats apart from other species by their grayish color and long antennae and legs. On the other hand, the larvae are whitish with a blackhead. Lastly, you can look at context clues. These flies fly around houseplants, whereas fruit flies fly around fruit, and drain flies live in sinks. 

Fungus Gnat Larvae: How To Kill Them Off Quickly

Fungus gnats in Aiken are considered nuisance pests as the adults don’t bite or feed. They won’t hurt you or even damage your plants. They are mainly annoying, especially when the infestations grow out of control. The larvae, however, can damage your plants. So, you’ll want to address these pests as soon as you spot them. 

Here are a few tips for removing fungus gnat larvae quickly:

  • Use sticky traps as you would for house flies.
  • Create a solution with apple cider vinegar and dish soap.
  • Spray any affected plants with fly removal spray.
  • Contact Aiken pest control experts for assistance.

Fungus gnats and other flies are difficult to remove once they’ve infested your home, so often, the easiest way to remove them is with help from home pest control technicians. 

How Long Can Gnats Live Without Food

While the larvae eat damp soil and roots of plants, the adults don’t eat anything at all. They can survive for one to two weeks until they complete their life cycle.

To prevent these gnats, you can take a few steps around your house to deter them, such as:

  • Keep any indoor plants clean of debris like dead leaves.
  • Make sure that you don’t overwater.
  • Use a spray or other product to prevent gnats and other plant pests.

While these gnats aren’t the worst pest invader you could have, no one wants a swarm of these tiny creatures in their house. They are frustrating to deal with, so you should reach out if you’re tired of trying to eliminate them.

Total Gnat Control For Aiken Homes

If you have gnats or any other flying insect inside your home or around your yard, our professionals at Aiken Pest Control are the best way to remove and prevent them. We will assess your property and apply any treatments to eradicate and guard against these pests.

Contact us today to get started with a quote or begin a home pest control treatment plan.