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Summer Wildlife Infestations

a raccoon in a yard near a tree

You may think that now that summer has arrived, you aren’t at risk of a wildlife infestation, but even now there is a severe threat of rodent and raccoon invasions! These wildlife pests have the potential to not only get inside your home and wreak havoc but also to cause damage to your yard and spread harmful parasites and illnesses.

Wildlife damage isn’t limited to just your property and your outdoor trash cans; rodents are perpetual chewers that can gnaw their way into homes in search of food or shelter. The entryways these rodents create can allow for other larger pests to get inside your home as well. Let’s start by talking about the damages that raccoons can cause on your property and inside your home:


They can knock over your trash bins and spread their contents all around your yard while scavenging for food; they can also damage your vegetable gardens and fruit trees as they feed on your crops. Raccoons can also cause damage to your well-maintained lawn and costly landscaping while digging for tasty earthworms and grubs.


Raccoons can get into your attic tear apart your insulation and leave behind foul-smelling urine and feces that can contain roundworms which are known to cause a variety of health concerns for humans. These wildlife pests can also scurry around your house knocking things over and ripping furniture to pieces, contaminate the food preparation surfaces in your home, and scatter food and trash throughout your entire house. In other words, when raccoons invade homes, they make a terrible mess!

Rodents such as mice and rats, on the other hand, have a less noticeable impact when invading homes but are also commonly found causing problems inside homes all year round. Both raccoons and rodents, as well as any other wildlife pest, pose the potential risk of causing a fire by gnawing on electrical wires as well as water damage from chewing on pipes when they invade homes.

If a summer wildlife infestation is left untreated, you could be looking at much more severe problems as the weather gets colder. To eliminate these pests as effectively and humanely as possible, you will require the help of a professional. Many DIY methods can be costly, time-consuming, ineffective, as well as extremely dangerous! Attempting these methods can also make the problem worse if used incorrectly.

In the Midlands of South Carolina and the Central Savannah River area, wildlife runs rampant and can easily become an unwanted and dangerous house guest if precautions aren't taken to prevent them. The experienced professionals at Aiken Pest Control offer effective wildlife control services that you can count on!

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