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Why Stinging Insects Near South Carolina Homes Require Professional Help

paper wasp crawling on nest

Summertime in South Carolina means that honeybees, paper wasps, and yellow jackets are everywhere! This season is the time of year when stinging insects thrive and, coincidentally, is also the time of year when South Carolina residents spend the most time outdoors, which can present a huge problem. While these stinging pests are a nuisance to have to live on your property, they are also very beneficial to the ecosystem; when dealing with stinging pests this summer, especially with honey bees, it is very important to remove them from your property without harming them.

Honey bees are extremely beneficial insects as they are known to pollinate over one hundred different types of crops in the United States every year! We have become aware of just how important these bees are over the years and made great efforts to preserve them. The unfortunate part is that honey bees tend to sting when they feel that they or their nest is being threatened and these stings can be painful and can cause allergic reactions in humans. The fear of the pain and potential consequences that stinging insects can cause is enough to make homeowners go to extreme lengths to eliminate them from their properties without taking into account how beneficial they are to the environment.

Homeowners often attempt numerous “do-it-yourself” treatments in hopes of taking care of the stinging insect problem on their property on their own; however, these DIY efforts usually do more harm than good. DIY stinging insect control methods aren’t guaranteed to work and the products are often designed to make homeowners invest more money than they need to.

These products can also inadvertently cause damage to the ecosystem, particularly when dealing with honey bees, as they focus on the entire elimination of the stinging insects as opposed to finding a way to get rid of them without the use of harmful chemicals to avoid harming them. In addition, the risks associated with DIY pesticides are endless! The stinging insects may become hostile and attack you, resulting in multiple painful stings, or the harmful chemicals used could be accidentally ingested by you, your family members, or your pets — In fact, DIY stinging insect control attempts oftentimes end in a trip to the hospital!

When it comes to controlling a stinging insect invasion, professional help is necessary. At Aiken Pest Control, we focus on safe exclusion and removal techniques and follow the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach; our certified technicians have the tools and the know-how required to reduce the use of harmful pesticides that could negatively affect the environment. The professionals at Aiken Pest Control are here to help residents of the CSRA and Midlands of South Carolina to safely and effectively protect their homes from stinging insects this summer.

Contact us at Aiken Pest Control today for more information about our home pest control or commercial pest management services and our eco-friendly approach to stinging insect control!