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Aiken's Helpful Guide To Norway Rat Control

norway rat coming out of hole

Insects and creatures understandably give people the heebie-jeebies. Rats are among the primary pests to frighten folks. The animals are quadruple the mass and size of most other pests, and they have pointy fangs to bite you with. They can’t be killed with a quick swat or stomp, and they are challenging to exterminate. The critters have hiding spots that are hard to reach, and they multiply very fast. As if that weren’t concerning enough, rats can ruin belongings and spread diseases.

Some rat species are known for invading Aiken homes and businesses. The Norway rat, sometimes referred to as the brown rat, is an example. They’ve brought distress to property owners for ages. If you take time to read about these creatures, you’ll find out how to control them with Aiken Pest.

How Do Norway Rats Look & Behave? What Are The Risks?

Norway rats are quite large, with 15-inch long frames and 7-inch tails. Their fur is bushy and gray, brown, or black. They destroy lawns by making burrows that help them get inside properties. Unkempt yards with gardens, high grass, and shaggy shrubs will be targets for these pests. When the rats get to your building’s exterior, they’ll gnaw a hole into the structure if one isn’t already available. No opening is too small for them to come through; even those ½ of an inch round. Gaps near crawlspaces, utilities, vents, foundations, and doors are their usual entryways. Poorly maintained homes or businesses will see these animals the most.

The teeth of Norway rats are ever-growing. To keep them filed, the pests will chew on just about anything. They’ll damage walls and cords, which could end in an electrical fire or outage. Concerning health, rodents can taint food and surfaces. Their fur, urine, feces, and saliva contain parasites and bacteria. Consequently, humans can contract viruses, trichinosis, and salmonella, among other illnesses.

Major signs of infestation are:

  • Discovering capsuled droppings
  • Noticing bite marks on wires, furniture, and foundations
  • Seeing greasy rub stains across walls
  • Finding ground burrows outside
  • Spotting the nocturnal rats in daylight

If you have a problem with Norway rats, you’ll likely find them in attics, basements, and storage rooms. Like most vermin, they prefer quiet spaces that are dark and damp.

How Do You Prevent Norway Rats?

It was previously mentioned that rats reproduce at a rapid rate. That said, it’s immensely important to concentrate on preventive measures. Norway rats are the type of critters that you can’t wait for a problem to arise before you take action. You’ll need to do the following:

  • Put food and garbage in containers with lids that are tight-fitting.
  • Seal cracks and fill voids around foundations, windows, doors, vents, and pipes.
  • Have leaks, plumbing issues, and other moisture faults repaired immediately.
  • Trim greenery and grass regularly.
  • Sit flowers and plants at least two feet away from your exterior walls.
  • Reduce interior clutter, and keep storage areas clean.

What Can Aiken Pest Do About Norway Rats?

At Aiken Pest, we are dedicated to thorough service. Our highly trained technicians will do a complete inspection, surveying the land and all interiors and exteriors. This is necessary to find nests, entry points, and vulnerable locations on your property. Industrial-grade products and equipment will be used for treatments to eliminate Norway rats. Our solutions are safe so you, your pets, and vegetation won’t be in harm’s way. We offer wallet-friendly plans that are comprehensive and come packed with guarantees, recurring visits, and more. Don’t let rats jeopardize your health and belongings!

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