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How To Keep Stinging Insects Out Of Your Lawn This Summer

a yellow jacket crawling on a wooden table

Do you know what happens to wasps in the winter? If you don't, it's time you did. Understanding what happens to wasps in winter can help you keep them out of your lawn this summer and prevent them from ruining your family's fun throughout the warm months of the year.

Wasp Season In South Carolina

Let's rewind the clock to fall. At the end of fall, something interesting happens: A large number of wasps die. Most of the wasps in the state die. But, before they do, they prepare new queens to survive the winter. Those queens take to the air and find a crevice, crack, or hole to hide in till spring.

In spring, those queens emerge and begin their search for a suitable location to build a nest. Some build their nests in trees. Some build their nests in holes created by wildlife. Some build their nests under rooflines.

As we move into summer, those newly formed nests are going to start being a problem. When you go out into the shed, you might come face to face with a swarm of temperamental paper wasps. When you mow your lawn, you might find yourself surrounded by a few dozen angry yellow jackets.

While stinging insects can come into your yard any time during the summer, they usually establish nests in the spring when they come out of winter hiding. So summer prevention is less about preventing wasps from creating nests and more about keeping curious wasps from coming into your yard from neighboring yards.

Quick Summer Wasp Tips

  • The smell of perfume and cologne can lure stinging insects into your yard because they can mistake those smells for the smell of flowers and all stinging insects feed on the nectar of flowers.
  • Wasps don't just feed on nectar, they also feed on sugary fluids like fruit juice. Keep drinks covered to keep from attracting wasps.
  • Stinging insects can mistake bright colors and flower patterns for flowers.
  • Wasps eat sugars and protein. They can find both in an open bag of garbage. Be sure to keep your trash in sealed containers.
  • Keep BBQ foods covered till you're ready to eat. Wasps are particularly fond of protein covered with a sugary sauce.

There are many reasons why stinging insects come into our South Carolina yards and just as many reasons why it is important to have a professional address stinging insect issues. If you're dealing with stinging insects in Aiken, Augusta, or the surrounding area, reach out to Aiken Pest Control.

Our QualityPro-certified pest control professionals are standing by to assist you.