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The Hardest Pests To Keep Out In The Fall

a nice house in South Carolina in the fall

Rodents try to take shelter in homes in South Carolina when the cooler fall weather sets in. Signs of rodent infestations can be subtle, and you may not know you have these unwanted guests until they have done some damage. Rodents carry a variety of diseases, can contaminate food, and could do structural damage to your house. It’s a good idea to take preventative measures this fall to keep rodents out. If you do find yourself with an infestation, the best thing you can do is contact a professional pest control expert to help you.

Why Rodents Come Indoors

Rodents come indoors during the colder months but not for the reasons you may think. While they can tolerate cold temperatures, unfortunately, most of their prey cannot, and food becomes scarce for them. Also, as the foliage and plant life die off, rodents lose places to hide from predators and their shelter disappears. Your South Carolina home becomes the next best place to live, with abundant food and plenty of shelter.

Signs Of A Rodent Infestation

Rodents aren't potty trained, so one of the most telling signs you have a rodent problem is spotting their droppings around your house. Also, you might notice gnawed cardboard boxes of food, holes in plastic food bags, and disturbed pantry items. Sometimes you can hear them running inside the walls or above your head while you sleep. Occasionally, they may get brave, and you'll spot them scurrying around the base of your cabinets or stopped dead in their tracks on your kitchen counter when you flip on a light switch.

Problems Rodent Infestations Bring

In addition to the contamination of your food, rodents can bring a myriad of problems to your South Carolina home. They have an innate need to gnaw and will chew through almost all materials, from brick and vinyl siding to electrical wires and plastic pipes. These activities can cause fire hazards, leaks, and extensive damage. Rodents can also introduce other pests into your home—namely fleas and ticks. They also carry bacteria and other diseases, and their droppings can transmit viruses.   

Keeping Rodents Out

Rodents are extremely difficult to keep out of a house. They can fit through cracks and holes the size of a dime. They can enter your home at the ground level, and also at the roof level!  Any opening where a pipe or utility wire enters your house can be ample enough space for mice and rats to enter.

Using foam spray insulation in holes or stainless steel stuffed in cracks can help keep rodents out. Also, eliminating accessible food sources by keeping pet food put away, taking the trash out often, storing leftovers in sealed containers, and keeping boxed food stored in glass or hard plastic containers can help.

Professional Pest Control For Rodents

Even when taking precautionary measures, rodents may still make your South Carolina home their own this fall. If you suspect a rodent infestation or want to prevent one, Aiken Pest Control can help. We can provide a thorough inspection, give advice, and begin treatment.

Give us a call to keep your home free from rodents!