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Why Should I Choose Professional Bed Bug Treatments


The internet is full of delightful tidbits that make life easy and affordable and give you more control. From hair care to house cleaning, DIY solutions are everywhere. They are enticing and cheap, but is it always best to tackle household chores on your own? When it comes to bed bugs and other pests, the answer is NO! If you are wondering why you should choose professional bed bug treatments, we have three reasons to help you answer that:

Reason 1:  Bed Bugs Hide

When you look for an easy bed bug treatment online, know that the DIY solutions you find online don’t consider the fact that bed bugs are great hiders. Sure you could vacuum to your heart’s desire, attempt to bait them with natural oils, or strip all the bedding in your house and wash it, but that only works for so long. Think of these solutions as putting a band-aid on a much larger problem. If you can’t see bed bugs, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Bed bugs hide in mattress and furniture seams, they creep inside of wallpaper, and they hang out in your bags. They can even hide in the recesses of your walls. Bed bug control services have experienced technicians who complete a clean sweep of your home to find all the good hiding spots.

Reason 2:  Bed Bugs Don’t Die

Eventually, a bed bug will die. The chances that all the bed bugs in your home will die all at the same time before they reproduce are pretty much slim to none without professional intervention. To complicate that further, bed bugs can live up to a year or more without feeding on a host. A year! The DIY solutions you see online that tell you to starve the bed bugs so they die are useless. When you kill a bed bug, you need to do it the first time, and you need to kill them all at once.

Reason 3:  Natural Concoctions Don’t Beat the Heat

DIY solutions focus only on the bed bugs you can see. The problem is that most bed bugs go undetected for months. Spray the perimeter, block the bed bugs with oil, and sprinkle more baking soda around your bed, but only if you want a mess to clean later. There is no evidence to support the claim that baking soda dries out bed bugs, and it does nothing for a large infestation. The bed bug professionals at Aiken Pest Control know where bed bugs hide, they know when they are active, and they can kill them on contact.

Professional bed bug control services are the best way to beat these sneaky pests. If cost is your concern, Aiken Pest has straightforward pricing and a list of what you can expect during your appointment. Aiken Pest uses effective treatments that are environmentally responsible, heat treatments, and mattress and box spring encasements to protect your furniture. Unlike the DIY solutions you saw online, our bed bug control services are guaranteed.

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