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Problems Cockroaches Cause In Commercial Facilities


As if the food industry isn’t stressful enough, considering how competitive the market is, businesses also have to worry about how cockroaches can negatively impact their commercial facilities. Not only are cockroaches disgusting, but imagine a customer finding just one in your place of business. They probably will not return and are likely to tell their friends about the experience. This can be greatly detrimental to any company, and it’s just not good business to allow any chance of an invasion of cockroaches in the first place.

Cockroaches come with many concerns, and proper sanitation is crucial in commercial facilities. However, despite a company's best efforts, these creatures could still sneak into the facility and cause severe problems. They are on a constant hunt for food, and they prefer decayed organic substances, including the environments that sewers and garbage provide. Roaches enter buildings through cracks and crevices in exterior walls, foundations, and window or door frames. They are known to contaminate surfaces and food, spread diseases and harmful bacteria, cause allergies and asthma, especially in children, and result in serious damage to the reputation and image of businesses they frequent. 

Not only should you enlist the help of a professional commercial pest control service to prevent health issues and a ruined reputation, but you can also learn how to pest-proof your commercial facility to keep cockroaches at bay. Here are some ways to help protect your business from the negative impact of cockroaches and the health issues that go along with an infestation:

  1. Keep food surfaces sanitized before and after each use
  2. Keep foods in airtight containers
  3. Secure doors and windows with proper screening
  4. Keep facility doors closed as much as you can
  5. Place dumpsters a distance away from the facility
  6. Take care of trash regularly, both in terms of taking it out and having it removed

Most importantly, if your business is located in the Central Savannah River Area or the Midlands of South Carolina, Aiken Pest Control can offer your commercial facility professional pest control services. We provide effective cockroach control, no matter how big or how small the problem is, and we have solutions for facilities such as educational facilities, food and beverage processing, grocery stores, healthcare, hospitality, managed properties, and retail.

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