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What To Do If You Are Bitten By A Tick In Aiken

black legged tick stuck in arm

Even if you know about the dangers of ticks, you could find yourself with a tick embedded in your skin. At this point, it's essential to act quickly. To avoid disease and infection, you need to remove the tick safely, so if you don’t already know how-to, here’s how. 

Try To Remove Ticks Before They Bite

The first thing you should do is to react immediately. Your best chance at protecting yourself from ticks is searching your body for them after spending time in the woods. Examine yourself, and if possible, have someone else examine you for ticks. They could be hiding under your armpit, around your groin, or on your scalp.

If you don't act quickly, the tick could burrow into your skin. By the time this happens, you're in danger. It's best to pick off a tick before it gets into your skin, but unfortunately, you might not notice a tick until it's too late. Once it bites you, the tick will be difficult to remove.

Tips For Removing An Embedded Tick

If you find an embedded tick, you should get a pair of tweezers. Depending on where the tick is, you might need someone to remove the Aiken pest for you. Tick removal is a challenging task, so don't be afraid to ask for help. 

Avoid any temptation to remove a tick with your fingers, as this is unlikely to work. Because ticks cling on tightly once in your skin, you need a fine tool like tweezers to get the job done. Use the tweezers to grab the tick as close to your skin as possible. If you grasp the parasite from too high up, you may end up decapitating it and having its head remain in your skin. 

When you pull up on the tweezers, don't twist or jerk your hand. It's also crucial to avoid crushing the tick. If you do, the tick will be much harder to remove, and you may need to seek medical attention.

When To Seek Medical Attention

If you can't get the tick out or you left part of the tick in, seek help immediately. It could take a doctor with experienced hands to remove the tick. Unfortunately, the many dangers of ticks make it important to remove all evidence of the pest from your body. 

You should also seek medical attention if you experience a bullseye rash or any other unusual feelings. Lethargy and headaches are often associated with Lyme disease, which is carried by some ticks. If the area where the tick was gets red or sore, you should also see a doctor, as that could be a sign of secondary infection. 

Why Do You Need To Act Quickly?

Deer ticks, lone star ticks, and brown dog ticks all are prevalent in Aiken. As parasites, ticks suck on your blood and have the potential to transmit diseases to you and your family. Some of those infections, such as Lyme disease, have long-term consequences. The longer you wait to remove a tick, the more danger you're in. 

As soon as you find signs of ticks on your property, call the professionals. You can also limit your chance of ever seeing a tick by using a tick control program. By relying on a pest control expert, you may never have to pick a tick out of your skin.

When it comes to ticks, your best chance at prevention is working with a reputable pest control company. Here at Aiken Pest Control, we have the experience and resources to keep ticks away from your property and keep them away for good. If you're ready to be proactive, give us a call.