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Did You Get Bed Bugs For Christmas?


With all of the ways that bed bugs can get into our homes, it’s not a question of what bad decisions we've made that led to an infestation. Maybe you stayed over somewhere for Christmas, unknowingly bringing home some unexpected baggage. Maybe someone stayed over at your house for the holidays, and unbeknownst to both of you, the hotel they stayed at the night before gave them more than they paid for. Who knows, maybe you have not a single clue as to where you got them, but you have them. So now what?

With a quick search of the good ol’ internet, there are plenty of alleged ways that you can rid bed bugs from your home, but do they work? Not usually, but why, you may ask. Picture an equation…with A LOT of variables! The durability and versatility of bed bugs make them a real challenge to eradicate, with many different avenues for their survival needing to be closed off. Miss one and it’s back to the start! It’s also unlikely that we could have all of the tools necessary. Bed bugs can be extremely resilient to many chemicals and can hide in the smallest of places! It’s all too often that just when you think they are gone, you spot another, and with DIY treatments you are never guaranteed that they are gone completely.

With Aiken’s bed bug control service, you don’t have to worry about the ifs, ands, buts, and maybes. We will do that for you! Below are some of the ways Aiken will reassure you that bed bugs are not a problem for you in the future!

Aiken has been removing pests for over 50 years, and we know exactly what we are looking for! At Aiken, we have seen more than our fair share of bed bug infestations, which is exactly why we know how to get rid of them! Not only are our treatments effective in removing bed bugs and bed bug eggs, but they are effective in eliminating nymphs as well. How do we do it? Heat! With specialized mobile heating units, we bring the air temperature up into the range of 120F to 130F, at which temperature bed bugs cannot survive. The best part about the heat is that it fills every crack, crevice, and void, reaching places that many other treatments cannot. Heat is very efficient, and often times the infestation will only require a single treatment for complete eradication. We are so confident in our heat treatments that we are willing to guarantee them. Along with heat treatments, we also have the option of conventional treatments that focus on areas of your home such as baseboards, visible cracks, and crevices as well as some furniture and voids in the walls, which are guaranteed to kill bed bugs upon contact.

Curious as to whether you have bed bugs? We have the answer! Our bed bug inspection dogs are highly trained to detect bed bugs. With their keen sense of smell, they can often detect pests that otherwise might go unseen. Inspection dogs often detect infestations that have come to hide away amid clutter, under rugs, and in furniture. Our bed bug dogs will alert their handler of an infestation without any interruption to your home. Detection canines play a great role in helping us expedite the treatments to make sure you are free of bed bugs.

If you think you have a bed bug problem, don't wait. Don't let bed bugs be a pest this year or any year. Let the pest professionals at Aiken Pest Control take care of it so you don’t have to.

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