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Common Mistakes South Carolina Homeowners Make To Attract Spiders

house spider crawling in a basement

When you live in South Carolina, you get used to dealing with pests year-round. Even the ones that can’t handle the cold often end up moving into your home in the winter, making them an even bigger pest than they are in the summer.

Why Do I Have Spiders?

Spiders are one of the pests that you have to deal with no matter what time of year it is, but there are certain common mistakes that South Carolina homeowners make to attract spiders to their homes. Let’s look at those mistakes and how to rectify them:

  • Openings Into Your House - It may seem like common sense, but to get into your house, spiders need an opening. They could come through your open front door, but it’s more likely that they’ll get in through other, less obvious, entrances. Perhaps you have a torn window screen. If you open your window on a sunny day, a spider can walk right through that torn screen and into your house. Cracks in your foundation are almost certain to be big enough for a spider to squeeze through. Holes or gaps in your siding and uncovered vents are also likely entry points for spiders.
  • Food Sources In Your House - Spiders often enter a home when they discover a food source inside. Spiders eat other bugs, so if you start to see a lot of spiders in your house, it could indicate another underlying pest problem.
  • Clutter In Your House - Everyone has areas that could be a bit more organized, but the more clutter you have in your home, the more a spider will like it. Spiders tend to be shy creatures, preferring to remain hidden when possible.
  • Overgrown Vegetation Around Your House - To get to your house in the first place, spiders need to get close to it from the outside. If you have a lot of overgrowth or untrimmed bushes or shrubs, spiders will feel right at home around the perimeter of your house until they can find a way to get inside.
  • Excess Moisture In And Around Your House - Spiders like moisture and need it to survive. If your lawn has excess moisture or the rooms in your home have high humidity, spiders will be attracted to your home.

How To Keep Spiders Away From Your South Carolina Home

Keeping your lawn trimmed and free of debris is a good way to start preventing spiders. You’ll also want to carefully inspect your home and seal up or repair all entry points you find. Reduce moisture by ensuring proper drainage outside and using dehumidifiers inside. Be on the lookout for other insects in your home.

If you start to notice an abundance of spiders or other pests in your home, give Aiken Pest Control a call or click here. We offer free inspections and can pinpoint the root of your pest problem to suggest the best course of action to take to eliminate the current problem and prevent future infestations.

While taking steps to stop attracting spiders is a great place to start, if you need a little help in your quest to keep your home spider-free, we're here and ready to help.