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Spider-Proofing Your South Carolina Home For Spring

house spider crawling in living room

There is something wonderful about the words “Spring is on its way!” Long, warm days are just ahead, along with the promise of new life. With the change in seasons often comes the urge to do some spring cleaning. When you make a plan for what you need to do, you may want to add "spider-proofing" to the list.

What To Do About The Spiders Already In Your South Carolina Home

It’s possible you already have some spiders in your home. They may have decided it was a great place to wait out the cool winter months. Maybe you’ve been taking care of them as you see them here and there. Now is the perfect time to do a more thorough cleaning, but be careful. While most spiders are considered a mere nuisance, if a dangerous spider like a brown recluse or black widow decided to make itself at home in one of your storage areas over the winter, you could be in for a nasty bite if you startle it.

As you clean, make sure to get rid of any webs you find. Be on the lookout for egg sacs. Spring is the time of year when most spiders hatch, so if you have an egg sac in your house and you don’t get rid of it, you could end up with upwards of a hundred spiders in your midst.  

To ensure that spiders don’t find your home appealing in the future, eliminate as much clutter as possible and make sure you don’t have any insect pests in your house. Spiders often come inside looking for food, so having another pest problem could be what attracts spiders indoors.

What To Do About The Spiders Outside Your South Carolina Home

When spring arrives, spiders are going to become much more active outside. There will be a surge in their population as eggs begin to hatch. That’s why it’s important to work now to spider-proof your house before spring hits. It will help you keep all of those spiders outside where they belong.

The following spider prevention tips will help you keep spiders out of your South Carolina home:

  • Cut back vegetation so it doesn’t touch your house.
  • Move woodpiles and lawn debris away from your home.
  • Remove outdoor webs that you see.
  • Install porch lights that do not attract insects or keep your lights off at night.
  • Check around your foundation and fill in any cracks that you find.
  • Look around your windows and doors and fill all gaps.
  • Repair holes and tears in screens.

What To Do If You Have Too Many Spiders

If you find that the spider population in or around your home has grown out of control, give Aiken Pest Control a call. Our home pest control services will take care of any current pest problems you have while also ensuring that you won’t have any in the future.