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How To Keep Yellow Jackets Away From Your Home And Family During The Summertime

a yellow jacket on a browning leaf

Yellow jackets are those stinging insects that everyone knows about but no one wants to have a first-hand experience with. These aggressive, warm-weather pests become most active during spring and summer, though they are capable of surviving through the colder months if their nest is located somewhere warm and sheltered. Most of the time, however, the yellow jacket season spans from spring until late fall when the weather begins to cool off once again. During spring, yellow jacket queens lay eggs and raise larvae. Once summer hits, a yellow jacket colony will have reached its peak maturity and colony members will defend their nests against anything they perceive as a threat.

Things That Attract Yellow Jackets To South Carolina Homes

Why are yellow jackets nesting on your property? It could be several reasons, but it usually relate to either the food they can find or shelter for their nests. Explanations for finding a yellow jacket infestation around your South Carolina property could include:

  • They found a readily available food source. This could be open garbage cans, prepared picnic foods, or soda cans that have been left outside.
  • You have an abandoned or hard-to-reach location on your property that is sheltered from the wind, rain, and other heavy weather. These areas could be old sheds, attics, ventilation systems, decks, porches, or even your wall voids!
  • Many stinging insects, including yellow jackets, are attracted to the sweet scent of lotions and perfumes. They mistake these sweet smells for flowers, which they feed on.

5 Yellow Jacket Prevention Tips

Avoiding the painful stings of aggressive yellow jackets is a no-brainer. After all, no South Carolina resident wants to go head-to-head with several hundred threatened insects! To keep you and your family protected against the dangers of these frustrating pests, consider the 5 following prevention tips:

  1. Keep garbage cans sealed and stored away from the exterior of your property.
  2. Make sure yellow jackets cannot build their nests in your wall voids, attic, shed, or vents by sealing all entry points (cracks, crevices, holes) to these locations.
  3. Avoid wearing scented shampoo, lotion, or perfume when you know you’ll be outdoors for an extended period.
  4. Don’t wear bright, colorful clothing or clothing with flower printing. Stinging insects may confuse you for a flower.
  5. Never remove a nest on your own. This can be dangerous for you, and harmful to the environment if the nest belongs to a colony of honey bees. Always contact a professional pest control provider for help.

Aiken Pest Control provides comprehensive residential pest control plans that cover a wide variety of summer pests—including yellow jackets. If you’re worried about yellow jackets in or around your South Carolina home, reach out to Aiken Pest today for the professional pest services you deserve!