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Are Aiken, SC Brown Recluse Spiders Dangerous?

close up of a brown recluse spider

Of all the hundreds of spider species that live in the United States, only two can damage people and pets significantly. One of these includes the brown recluse spider, a devastating arachnid with the ability to cripple or even kill those it comes into contact with.

Due to its deadly reputation, the brown recluse is one of the most misidentified spiders in America. This spider species shares many of the same characteristics as other more harmless species, giving it an ambiguous background. However, there are a few tried and true methods of spider identification available for Aiken homeowners. 

Brown recluse spiders do NOT: 

  • Have 6 eyes inside of 8
  • Have dark violin markings
  • Have non-fuzzy bodies 

If you suspect that a brown recluse spider could be near your Aiken backyard, it will be imperative to get a professional inspection service from a local provider. 

The Many Dangers Of The Brown Recluse Spider 

The brown recluse spider presents many dangers to home and business owners in Aiken, particularly related to health.

There are a few vital factors to bear in mind about the brown recluse’s bite:

  • The bite of a brown recluse is filled with a type of neurotoxin that affects the human nervous system.
  • Bites are extremely painful and continue to worsen over time.
  • Brown recluse bites often result in significant swelling, black spots, and dead tissue, among other things.
  • Some victims may experience a form of anaphylactic shock from their brown recluse bite, leading to swelling or difficulty breathing.
  • Other symptoms of a brown recluse spider bite include paralysis, shaking, or fever.

If you are suspicious about a spider bite on your person, please seek medical attention right away. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Brown Recluse Prevention Steps For Aiken Property Owners 

Unlike other pests found in Aiken, spiders would much prefer to be left to their own devices. Living under cover of darkness, clutter, or other undisturbed spaces, these spiders would prefer to spend their days out of sight and out of the house. However, there may be some factors that are attracting brown recluse spiders too close for comfort.

The following prevention tips may help to eliminate potential brown recluse infestations before they happen: 

  • Commit yourself to wiping away spider webs in the home at least once per month. Focus on the areas near doors, windows, and other entry points, sweeping away webbing with a broom or cloth.
  • Have your home inspected against secondary pest infestations, which could lead to a feeding frenzy in the yard.
  • Practice excellent general pest prevention, including proper food storage, the sealing of cracks, and the mitigation of indoor moisture. 

Need help implementing your solutions? The professionals at Aiken Pest Control have everything you need to implement winning spider control. 

Aiken Pest Control Eliminates Dangerous Spiders Like The Brown Recluse 

If you see an abundance of spiders around your Aiken property, it will be time to seek remedial effects as soon as possible. Whether or not your infestations are related to the brown recluse spider, the most effective way to handle these pests and their year-round prey is through assistance from Aiken Pest Control.

Call the Aiken office today to learn more about our winning spider management solutions with our home or commercial pest control services.