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Serving Aiken, The CSRA & Midlands

Pest Control Options For Aiken Residents


In Aiken, South Carolina, there are many bugs and wild animals that can become pests. But, don't let the word "pests" throw you off. When bugs and wildlife get into locations they're not supposed to be in, they can become more than just a nuisance. These creatures can spread harmful bacteria, human pathogens, allergens, and parasitic worms. They can damage our belongings and our homes. They can also torment us with bites and stings, some of which can leave disfiguring wounds or lead to lifelong illness. That is why every family in Aiken should have a pest control plan.

At Aiken Pest Control, we offer customized pest control plans to meet the individual needs of our customers. If household pests are the biggest concern, our perimeter treatments will give you the barrier of protection you need to keep those pests out. If yard pests, such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fire ants are your focus, they will be our focus too. We have treatments that reduce the dangerous pests in all of the places they hide around your home. If proactive termite protection is a high priority for you, you can trust the team here at Aiken Pest Control to give you industry-leading termite protection. Our services scale to meet your needs and target the pests you want to target most.

Aiken also takes care of hard-to-control pest problems such as bed bugs. When these hitchhiking bugs get carried into your home, you can trust your Aiken technician to help you resolve the problem quickly. We use canine bed bug inspectors to locate these blood-eating pests. And you'll be given appropriate options to address your specific infestation. Not every bed bug infestation requires a heat treatment or fumigation. Sometimes bed bugs can be stopped quickly, easily, and discreetly using conventional bed bug treatments. But, if these bugs are widespread, you can rely on your Aiken technician to walk you through the process of a full bed bug heat treatment, if necessary.

Pest control isn't just a quality-of-life upgrade, it is essential protection that every Aiken family should have. Reach out to Aiken Pest Control today to establish vital pest service for your Aiken home. It all starts with scheduling a free in-home inspection. We'll let you know what we're seeing, and give you a wide range of options to help you keep your family protected.