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What Are These Little Red Bugs In My Aiken Home?

clover mite on wood

Have you been noticing strange, little red bugs in and around your Aiken, South Carolina, home? Consider them a sign of cool spring days. As the warmer summer weather begins to roll in, they will lay their eggs and go into a dormant state once again.

So what exactly are these tiny red bugs? They're called clover mites, and they're found throughout the eastern U.S. While they don’t pose any threats to the health of your family or the structural integrity of your home, clover mites can prove to be a destructive nuisance. This is especially the case as an infestation continues to grow.

Protect your Aiken residence from unwanted clover mites with the help of an experienced pest control technician.

Clover Mite Identification

Clover mites are often referred to as "tiny red bugs" or "tiny red spiders." Most people don’t know what they are or what their name is. This particular pest is not technically an insect or a spider. However, clover mites are related to ticks and spiders, which places them in the arachnid family. They feed on various grasses, with a strong preference for clover.

Clover mite identification is fairly simple. If you see a tiny red speck that is smaller than a pinhead, it’s most likely a clover mite. Under close inspection, they have eight legs and no antenna.

Clover mites gathering on the sunny sides of your home can be an indication of an upcoming infestation. Clover mites lay their eggs in the cracks and crevices of a home’s exterior and interior walls.

Preventive measures are your best defense. Find an experienced professional who can deliver reliable pest control services for your Aiken home.

The Problem With Clover Mites

Autumn and spring are the most common seasons for clover mite invasions. Their outdoor food sources become scarce in the fall, and the cooling weather drives them indoors. When their eggs hatch in the spring, secondary infestations will occur.

Clover mites prefer locations that are warm and high in moisture. Their minuscule size provides them with unlimited opportunities to gain access to your home. When clover mites invade, they will do so in high numbers. The sheer volume of these tiny pests poses a burdensome challenge.

Due to their small size, clover mites are extremely difficult to relocate without crushing them. This results in a red stain that isn’t easily removed. Infestations in the thousands can lead to stained clothing, rugs, wallpaper, furniture, and any other fabric items lighter colored than a clover mite.

The eradication of a clover mite invasion will require some assistance. Your local pest control professionals are prepared to support you with effective solutions to your clover mite problems.

Clover Mite Prevention

You may not be able to eliminate clover mite infestations on your own, but you can deter them when you know what attracts clover mites to your property.

Following a few simple steps can help you prevent an infestation before it has a chance to start:

  • Remove vegetation from the perimeter of your home to reduce food sources near your home’s exterior.
  • Thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home for gaps and cracks needing to be filled.
  • Install or repair window and door screens, door sweeps, and weather stripping around windows.

Clover mites are so small they will find crevices you may not even notice. Active prevention can help reduce the likelihood of a full-blown invasion. The only foolproof method for clover mite protection is with the help of a clover mite control service for your Aiken home.

The True Solution To Clover Mite Infestations

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