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Let's Talk About Spider Control In North Augusta

black widow spider on a paper towel

It seems like some eight-legged terrors have decided to make themselves right at home in your abode. Just when you thought your house was arachnid-proof, along comes a few of these creatures to remind you that you’re sharing those comfortable accommodations you thought were only for you and your family to enjoy. 

Aren’t you relieved that Aiken Pest delivers the most effective pest control in North Augusta to get rid of different kinds of spiders from your property? We believe these pests have their place in the world, but it’s certainly not looking down on you from above your bed or joining you for breakfast and coffee in your kitchen. Continue reading to learn more about spiders and how you can’t go wrong partnering with the pros to eliminate them fast!

What Kinds Of Spiders Can I Find In North Augusta?

Here are some of the most common house spiders in North Augusta that you may find lurking around your property:

  • Wolf spiders: Large and hairy with a distinct pattern on their back. Although not venomous, they can inflict a painful bite.
  • Golden silk spiders: Also known as banana spiders, they’re large with orange and brown coloring.
  • Yellow garden spider: Large with a dramatic black and yellow pattern on its abdomen.
  • Southern house spider: Large, docile, and often mistaken for the brown recluse, but it is completely harmless.

If the thought of spiders spooks you and you’re starting to see them more often, it’s time for qualified pest professionals to get involved. Contact our team at Aiken Pest so we can help you out!

All The Places Spiders Like To Hide In Your Home

Spiders win the top prize for their incredible ability to hide, especially in the most inconspicuous places in your home. This makes it extremely tough to spot and eliminate them. Arachnids seem to have an uncanny knack for finding small cracks and gaps in ceilings, floors, and walls where they can remain out of sight. They’re also fond of dark and cluttered attics and basements where piles of books, clothing, and other materials abound. And think twice before reaching into one of your indoor or outdoor plants ungloved, as you may get quite a surprise. Your shed and garage are popular places for spiders to make their home. They often spin their webs in high corners of rooms, making them difficult to see and reach.

Therefore, enlist the services of a reputable pest management company for the best way to get rid of spiders in your home. Aiken Pest can assist you!

Five Practical Tips To Prevent Future Spider Problems

Interested in learning some effective ways to prevent all types of spiders from coming around your home? Review the five practical tips below to keep arachnids at bay:

  1. Maintain clean and tidy outdoor areas.
  2. Use yellow or amber light bulbs outside instead of bright white ones.
  3. Trim your trees, bushes, and shrubs to eliminate hiding spots.
  4. Block any small cracks or gaps around windows, doors, or other entry points.
  5. Keep your home nice and dry by fixing water leaks and balancing the humidity levels.

Make sure to consult with your local pest control company like Aiken Pest for additional tips to keep spiders away or to schedule a comprehensive home inspection.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Spiders?

Since hide-and-seek is a spider's favorite game, it can be difficult to eliminate these stealthy creatures once they've intruded into your living spaces. That's why it's important to partner with professionals who know how to obliterate all types of spiders in North Augusta.

Since 1967, Aiken Pest has been providing impeccable pest management solutions that our residents can trust. We are proud to be a leader in the business and make it our mission to improve the lives of customers with every service.

Reach out to us today to request your complimentary estimate.