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How Aiken Pet Owners Can Protect Their Furry Friends From Ticks

tick crawling on a leaf

Ticks are among the biggest threats to dogs and cats. They usually enter Aiken properties on wild animals, hiding in tall grass or bushes. When you let your pets into your yard, these pests can attach to them to access your house. Once inside, they can bite, spreading illnesses to people and pets. 

Keeping these creatures out of your yard is the best way to protect your pets. Aiken pest control professionals have the skills to find and remove ticks from your property. Keep reading to learn more about ticks in Aiken yards.

Why Ticks Are Becoming A Problem Again Around Aiken

Ticks are a common sight during the summer, attaching to pets or people and potentially spreading illnesses. You're less likely to find these pests during winter because they're cold-blooded and have trouble maintaining their body temperature in cold weather. These pests remain alive when it gets cold but become inactive.

When the warm weather of spring and summer arrives, you might think more ticks are around your home. In reality, they were always there but are now active. Unfortunately, their renewed activity makes them more dangerous when they enter your yard.

Threat Ticks Pose To Dogs, Cats, And Other Pets

Ticks become more common during summer because they're active in warm weather. They'll often reach your yard by riding on wild animals and clinging to grass blades until something brushes up against them. These pests are more than a nuisance when they get onto your pets, creating health concerns for everyone in your household.

The biggest problem caused by ticks is the pathogens they carry and spread to humans and pets. Some of the illnesses they can transfer when biting dogs, cats, and other pets include the following:

  • Lyme disease
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Babesiosis

While tick bites can occur immediately after attaching to hosts, it can take a week or two before symptoms appear. If you find these pests on your pets, you should watch over them and take tick prevention steps to avoid potential health problems.

Five Tips To Prevent Ticks Getting Into Your Yard

While summer doesn't necessarily attract more ticks to your yard, it provides the conditions for them to be more active. Avoiding those in your yard is difficult, so keeping them from getting onto your property in the first place is the best option. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep these creatures from invading your Aiken property.

Knowing how these pests get into yards and what attracts them provides tips on preventing their presence. Some natural tick prevention tips to keep ticks from your Aiken property include:

  • Cut your grass short
  • Remove overgrown vegetation or debris
  • Build a fence to keep wild animals away
  • Provide tick medication for your pets
  • Keep wood in dry areas

These tips can help keep these pests from invading your yard, but you'll need professionals to get rid of ticks. They can provide customized treatments to remove the arachnids and keep others from causing problems around your Aiken home.

Why Call Aiken's Pest Control Professionals When Ticks Are Biting

Ticks can be troublesome when they get into Aiken yards, attaching to grass blades and transferring to pets or people. Their tiny sizes make these pests hard to identify and remove, but tick removal experts can protect you from these arachnids. Our technicians at Aiken Pest Control provide monthly treatments to keep mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks from invading your yard.

Call us to find out more about our tick control plans.