House Spider Prevention Tips

January 5, 2018

Not a fan of spiders? Many people do not like the presence of spiders or even the thought of them. Ordinary house spiders are not dangerous, but they are a nuisance inside and out. Spiders are creepy and ominous as they skulk around on their eight legs and they leave cobwebs everywhere, making the corners of rooms and doorways very untidy.

Spiders are just looking for a nice place to live out of inclement weather, and continual food sources. So they create their webs to trap insects to use as food. Most house spiders are a yellowish, tan or brown color, with long oval-shaped bodies. They are quite content to just hang out on their web waiting for their next meal. Indoors they will clutter up corners, doorways, closets, basements, attics, crawl spaces, and under furniture. Outdoors they hide near lighting and under eaves to attract insects.

House spiders are not a danger to humans, but are a scary annoyance at best, mostly because many people are afraid of them. House spiders can take over a home, and cause unsightly webs that can be tedious to constantly get rid of. Their elusive nature can make them very difficult to get rid of completely.

The following are a few tips to avoid unwanted spiders in your home:

  • Move vegetation away from your house to make the area less attractive to them.

  • Keep your house clean and tidy to reduce spider activity.

  • Turn off outdoor lights that attract insects, many of which spiders use for food.

  • Close off all gaps and cracks around your foundation and walls.

  • Repair or replace damaged vents, screens, and soffits that allow entry.

  • Remove rotting wood that spiders find attractive.

In the long run, your best bet is to contact a professional pest control company in your area. If you live in the Central Savannah River Area and Midlands of South Carolina, you can call on Aiken Pest Control. We have been in business for over five decades, and have proven to be a trusted full-service pest control service for homes, businesses, and industrial facilities.

Our home pest control meets the individual needs of each customer by offering a customized service. Once our experienced technicians have inspected your home and property, they can determine what pests and pest problems exist in your home. They will then create a program to control the specific pests that plague your home. We visit quarterly to treat and monitor pest activity. Our comprehensive plans include getting rid of spiderwebs and nests on the outside of your home. If new pest issues that are covered come up between visits, we will come take care of them at no extra charge. Also included is your satisfaction, guaranteed, because we are sure our environmentally friendly services will be convenient and effective for any situation. We want all of our customers to have peace of mind that their pest problems are taken care of, and to ensure that you won’t have to think about them at all. Give us a call at Aiken Pest Control Services for more information about our year-round home pest control.

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