How To Avoid Bed Bugs While On Summer Vacation

July 31, 2019

With the change from spring to summer this year, many South Carolina homeowners are dealing with a greater influx of pests that will become even more active as the weather warms up. Like many Aiken residents, you might be getting ready to leave for your summer vacation, but it’s important to note that certain pests that become a much greater problem during summer are likely to travel back home with you if you aren't careful—namely, bed bugs. These tiny, blood-feeding insects thrive in the warmth of summer, continuing to be a growing problem in American homes.

a bed bug in the dark on the side of a mattress

How Traveling Impacts The Spread Of Bed Bugs

How do these parasitic pests get into South Carolina homes? What does traveling have to do with the spread of bed bugs during summer? Well, the answer is simple. Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests that depend on us to get from one location to another. On their own, bed bugs aren’t capable of traveling far. It is only when they crawl onto clothing, belongings, or luggage that they are able to make it to other places.

As summer comes back around each year, bed bugs are given the ultimate form of transportation: vacationers. Often, you may pick up a bed bug or two after catching a flight, staying in an infested hotel, or taking a form of public transportation where someone else has deposited bed bugs. With the influx of traveling and vacationing that is done in summer, it is only natural for bed bugs to have more opportunities to spread into your South Carolina home.

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs This Summer

Now that you know why summer creates a higher probability of bed bug infestations, you will want to know how you can prevent bed bugs from being brought into your home.

When you travel this summer, consider the following ways to avoid bed bugs:

  • If you spot signs of a bed bug infestation in your hotel room, alert the staff and ask to be moved to a new room. You might even want to spend the night at a new hotel entirely.

  • Avoid setting your personal belongings and bags on the floor of public areas such as libraries, airports, public transportation, or lobbies.

  • Seal worn clothing in plastic bags to prevent bed bugs that may have climbed onto those clothes from spreading to clean clothing or luggage.

  • When arriving home, inspect your bags, luggage, clothing, and used clothing bags for bed bugs. Wash all washable items in the wash on a high-heat setting.

While traveling bed bug prevention tips can be helpful, they are not 100% effective against bed bugs. The best way to keep your property bed bug-free is with one of the bed bug control options we supply here at Aiken Pest Control. With everything from conventional bed bug treatments to bed bug heat treatments, you will always have exactly what you need to get rid of the bed bugs on your property. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we treat bed bug infestations!

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