Pharaoh Ants: A Nightmare For Hospitals

February 20, 2018

It is true that mother nature provides most of what an ant may need, or want for that matter. Outdoors there is food, water, and shelter, and as far as most ants are concerned, that habitat is just perfect so there is no real need to go anywhere else. That is where the pharaoh ant is unique. Pharaoh ants prefer to nest indoors, and it is for this very reason that they can become a significant problem.

Pharaoh ants are a very small species of ant, coming in at about 1/16” in length, and are a reddish yellow color with their abdomens displaying a much darker hue. They feed on sweets, proteins, oils, and even other bugs, which means your homes and businesses are just one giant smorgasbord. With six legs and two antennae, pharaoh ants are unique in the fact that their colony can have several queens, allowing them to easily break off into several smaller groups, breeding and growing as they do so. Pharaoh Ants are known to travel along utility lines such as phone lines and power lines, and due to their small size can enter your property through even the smallest of cracks. Though they are not venomous, pharaoh ants are linked to several diseases that they inadvertently spread to humans, making them a threat. 

As mentioned before, pharaoh ants are tiny. Tiny enough, in fact, that they can find their way to IV bottles and IV lines, creating major problems for patients. Furthermore, pharaoh ants have been known to enter through wounds themselves and could even crawl into a sleeping or immobile patients mouth. Linked to both salmonella and streptococcus, if an ant was to spread either of these to a human it could result in major complications. 

When trying to prevent pharaoh ants, it is important to note that due to their small size, ability to enter through sometimes unseen passageways, and considering the escalated threat of these ants, professional help is the best option by far. The truth is, pharaoh ants can be quite hard to eradicate without an extensive understanding of their habits and behaviors. Baiting and sprays might help, but oftentimes the chemicals obtained at hardware stores for DIY treatments just don’t work. Not to mention, they can be dangerous if mixed or used improperly, presenting a problem to not only you but also to your family members, pets, guests, and patients.

Aiken Pest Control can help. Not only will we provide effective treatments and comprehensive services, but we will make sure that once your problem is taken care of it does not come back. Our residential and commercial pest control options can keep your property clean and free of these ants. Monitoring and updating our procedures constantly gives us the knowledge and tools to keep your property both clean and safe. Including multiple visits and free inspections, our programs are both cost efficient and thorough. If you see an ant, don’t take a chance, and call Aiken Pest Control today to help!

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