Why Are There Swarms Of Mosquitoes Around My Home?

May 15, 2018

It may seem like there are always more mosquitoes in your own backyard than in your neighbors. This may actually be the case, depending on whether something is attracting them to your yard rather than to that of others.

mosquitoes swarming

The reason mosquitoes stay around in some places more than others can be narrowed down to two factors:

1. They need to breed and can do so in the tiniest amount of standing water. It doesn’t take very much water for mosquitoes to breed and multiply. It can be a very thin skim or tiny pocket of water to do the trick. These water sources can be located just about anywhere around your yard, near plants, around playsets, under porches, or near entryways. Plants such as bromeliads, heliconia, and ornamental ginger tend to attract mosquitoes more than others. Any of these can help create a prime breeding ground for mosquito populations and growth.

2. The female mosquito needs human blood to develop fertile eggs. Strangely enough, she can detect a blood meal from quite a distance. Some scientists have discovered that a female mosquito can detect particular human chemical markers that she can sense from up to 115 feet away. They have also found that people with blood type O are twice as likely to be bothered by mosquitoes. Other attractants are carbon dioxide, heat, sweat, skin bacteria, and dark clothing.

So, you will need to determine if either of these are the case with your property. If your property has even the smallest amount of water for them to breed in or the types of plants that hold drops of water, then your property is at risk. If you spend a lot of time outdoors with your family during the evenings, then you could very well become a mosquito target. 

This is when professional mosquito control is essential to protect you, your family, and pets. In the Central Savannah River Area and Midlands of South Carolina, you can call on the experts at Aiken Pest Control for full-service pest control including mosquito control options.

Aiken Pest Control mosquito control can help reduce the mosquito population in your yard drastically.  Our area mosquito season runs usually from April through October. Our mosquito treatments are monthly during that time and are focused on where these particular pests live and breed. Our treatments are quick to dry so that you may not even notice when it’s been done, but the mosquitoes sure will. Getting rid of every single mosquito is impossible, but we can substantially decrease the number of mosquitoes in your yard. 

We also offer a one-time mosquito treatment for special events that will not leave a residue or odor. It would be applied 24-48 hours before your event begins so that you can have peace of mind that there will not be thousands of mosquitoes bothering your guests. 

Enjoy the great outdoors again! Contact Aiken Pest Control today for more information.

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