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Why Call Aiken Immediately If You See Swarming Termites

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swarming termites attaching south carolina yard

Why Call Aiken Immediately If You See Swarming Termites

We know to steer clear of wasps when we see them to avoid stings. We know that finding a mouse running across our kitchen is cause for action. And we know that cockroaches in our kitchen are a bad sign. But termites are great at entering our homes and destroying our wood structures without being noticed. Termites are one of the few pests that cause serious problems. That’s why it’s so important to call Aiken immediately.
Swarming termites are often your only chance of actually seeing termites out in the open. In a termite colony, different termites have different jobs. There are worker termites that look for food and take care of the young, soldier termites that protect the colony, and swarmer termites that are the reproductive members of the colony.
In spring, the swarmers, who are the only termites that have wings, come out in the open in a swarm to mate. Once they mate, they shed their wings and each pair goes off to start their own colony as the king and queen.
Swarmers are only born into a well-established colony. This, coupled with the fact that swarmers start their own colonies after mating, means that if you see swarmer termites or their discarded wings, you need to call Aiken immediately.
The presence of swarming termites is a guarantee that there is a colony somewhere nearby. The good news is that if you see the swarm outside, there’s still a chance that termites have not yet infested your home. The bad news is that if you see the swarm inside, they most certainly have infested your home.
Either way, you’ll need professional treatment right away. A termite colony outside your home can easily get inside your home. The newly mated kings and queens may also decide to establish their new colonies inside your home.
Aiken Pest Control has the experience and equipment necessary to eliminate the termite colonies in or near your home. We use the Sentricon System with Always Active which means that bait stations will be strategically placed around the perimeter of your house. These stations attract worker termites that then bring the bait back to the colony, effectively eliminating the entire termite colony. The Sentricon System is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring that your home stays termite free whether you see a termite swarm or not.
If swarming termites show up on your property this spring, don’t wait; call Aiken today. And for year-round peace of mind, give us a call no matter the season! We’re always happy to assist.

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