In most cases, the answer to this question is a resounding no. Ants, generally, are not dangerous insects. Most ant species have the ability to climb around in your trash and then get into stored foods. This can lead to stomach ailments. But there is little chance you're going to become severely sick or die from this. When you see ants in your yard, it is likely that it is one of these species. General pest maintenance around the exterior of your home, proper sanitation, and exterior exclusions may be all that is needed to address these ants. There are, however, two types of ants in our area that can be dangerous. One is dangerous to property. The other is dangerous to people. Can you guess which two types of ants we're talking about? Let's take a few minutes to look at carpenter ants and fire ants and discuss how these two ant types can present threats when they come onto your Aiken property. We'll also offer up some tips for effective ant control.

fire ants on the ground
carpenter ant on countertop

Big Black Ants And Big Black Ant Control

If you see black ants that are larger than ½ inch, it is likely that you're looking at black carpenter ants. This is a destructive species of ant that can do extensive damage to your property. Black carpenter ants can get into your home through tiny gaps and cracks. Once inside, they can target softwood or rotted wood. Most of the time, these ants target decaying wood structures outside, such as the rotting boards on an exterior deck. When you see big black ants on your property, you definitely need big black ant control. While carpenter ants won't total your home overnight, they can do extensive damage right under your nose. The kind of damage these insects inflict can be difficult and costly to repair.

Fire Ants In Aiken

If you're seeing red ants with dark abdomens in your yard, you probably have a fire ant issue. Red imported fire ants (RIFAs) can be found in all 46 counties within South Carolina. They're everywhere! So it isn't surprising if you are finding them on your Aiken property. If you don't know whether or not you have fire ants, here are a few identifying facts that can help you figure out if the pest ants you're dealing with are actually fire ants.

  • They are red with darkened abdomens.

  • They have two nodes between the thorax and abdomen.

  • They range in size from ⅛ to ⅜ inches.

  • They create mounds that are flattened and irregularly shaped. These mounds can be 2 to 4 feet in width.

  • If you've been stung by the ants in your yard, there is little doubt that you're dealing with fire ants.   

We're often asked, "Are fire ants dangerous?" This is a difficult question to answer because they're not typically dangerous. If you're bitten by a dozen fire ants, you're likely to only be annoyed. Unfortunately, fire ant venom can cause a severe anaphylactic response in those who have an allergy and for those who have a compromised immune system, such as an infant. What many Aiken residents don't know is that it is possible to get bitten by fire ants many times without having a reaction, and then develop an allergy later in life. So, are fire ants dangerous? Most of the time no. But you should do something to address these ants when you see them in your yard.

Fire ants are usually lawn ants. They prefer to be out in the open sun. You shouldn't have to worry too much about these ants getting into your home. But we would still recommend that you invest in lawn ant control. Here are a few reasons:

  • When people come into your yard to visit or to spend time doing something outside, these ants can put your guests at risk.

  • When infants are set on the ground in a car carrier, they are at risk in areas where fire ants have developed nests.

  • Children have developing immune systems and can be at higher risk of an allergic reaction.

  • If you have any seniors living in your home, or if you are a senior, you should never take a fire ant infestation lightly.

The Best Way To Address Dangerous Ants In Aiken

If you're in Aiken, and you need lawn ant control, we can help. We offer effective ant control for lawn ants, carpenter ants, and all of the other ants that get into Aiken properties. Our licensed professionals use industry-leading ant control products and strategies to eliminate colonies in yards and apply treatments to keep ants from getting inside. It's easy to get started. Hop over to our contact page and tell us a little bit about your ant problem. We'll do the rest.


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