Finding a termite infestation in your house is any Aiken homeowner’s worst nightmare, but what can you do about these destructive critters?

Whether you’ve got drywood termites burrowing in your drywall or subterranean termites beneath your floors, here’s what Aiken homeowners should know about termites, how to spot termite damage, whether you should be proactive about termite control, and what chemicals are typically used when eliminating these pests. 

many termites damaging wood in a home
termite damage on a window frame

What You Need To Know About Termites In Aiken

Environmentally, termites are beneficial for our ecosystem since they’re important decomposers and make our soil more nutrient-rich – but for homeowners, there’s nothing beneficial about finding a termite infestation. These critters cost homeowners close to five billion dollars in property damage annually, and they’re one of the most destructive – if not the most destructive pest – you can have in your home.

Here’s a quick list of must-know facts about termites:

  • They eat the cellulose found in wood products, so most of the damage they cause to homes is structural.

  • There are different types of termites, but two of the most common are drywood and subterranean termites. Of the two, the latter is more common.

  • Termite colonies can grow up to 250,000 termites, and just a small colony can eat around five grams of wood per day.

  • Termites burrow in tunnels in walls or the ground, and since they don’t have to come out, their presence can go unnoticed for weeks or months.

  • Do-it-yourself methods and treatments won’t eliminate termite infestations completely. The only effective solution is to call the professionals.

How To Spot Termite Damage On Your Aiken Property

The signs of a termite problem may not be obvious, but you can still spot them, especially if you know what you’re looking for:

  • Drooping or discolored drywall: Termites introduce extra moisture into your walls and floors, and it can make your drywall look like it’s discolored or water-damaged.

  • Squeaky floorboards: If your floorboards suddenly won’t stop squeaking, subterranean termites burrowing in your flooring could be the culprit.

  • Discarded wings: Termites swarm together during certain seasons, and after they’re done, they’ll shed their wings. After a swarm, you may find piles of wings, which resemble fish scales, piled around windows, doors, or other entrances.

  • Mud tubes: Subterranean termites lurking beneath your foundation will create small mud tubes that climb the foundation of your home.

  • Hollow wood: As termites burrow and create tunnels through your home, your walls or floors may sound hollow when you tap on them.

  • Loose tiles: Extra moisture in the floors could also cause tile flooring to become loose.

  • Stuck doors and windows: The extra moisture can also warp door and window frames, which can cause your windows and doors to become stuck when you try to open or close or them.

Should I Treat My Aiken Home For Termites If I Don’t Have Them?

Although you shouldn’t waste your time with do-it-yourself termite treatments that won’t be effective, it is recommended that you have your home inspected for termites every year. Even when you know what termite damage looks like, these critters can still fly under the radar, especially with smaller infestations.

Getting an annual inspection helps guarantee that any termite problems will be caught early. A pest management professional will not only know exactly what the signs of a termite problem look like and where these pests may be hiding out, but they can also help identify how much damage has been caused.

What Chemicals Are Used For Termite Control In An Aiken House?

Some of the DIY termite treatments may be toxic for pets and family, but at Aiken Pest, we use our NAVIGATOR® SC to combat the termites in your home. Our technology won’t miss a single termite, and that includes the colony’s most important member: the queen.

We’re dedicated to making sure we leave our customers with a termite-free home permanently, and that’s exactly what our reliable and effective treatments are designed to do. If you’re spotting signs of termite damage around your Aiken property or just want to schedule an annual inspection, contact us at Aiken Pest to learn how our termite control services work.


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