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Crazy ants tend to run around, jerking and moving quickly and erratically. These ants operate in such a frenzy that they have earned themselves the name of being the “crazy ant.” If you spot ants that appear to have no structure or purpose to their movements and are behaving in a bizarre state you have most likely encountered the crazy ant!

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What do crazy ants look like?

Crazy ants can be red-brown to a grayish black color. These ants are very tiny, ranging in size from 1/16” to 1/8”. Crazy ants have long segmented bodies and antennae. While it is important to know what these ants look like, the most identifying characteristic of them is the ‘crazy’ way in which they search for food.

Quick crazy ant facts

  • Were first reported in Texas in 2002

  • Destroy electrical equipment 

  • Are a danger to ground-nesting animals, livestock, and poultry

  • Have the ability to displace other ants

Crazy ant habits and behaviors

Crazy ants are worker ants and their colonies have more than one queen. They like to feed on seeds, fruit, honeydew and dead insects. They make their way into homes to look for food and to get out of the elements. These ants cannot survive outside in the winter, so they often enter homes in the fall.

Are crazy ants dangerous?

Crazy ants are definitely a nuisance but beyond their irritating manner they can pose serious threats to electrical equipment. When these ants congregate in electrical equipment they often cause damage or short circuiting. These damages can prove to be quite expensive to remedy. These ants, like other ants, can also contaminate food sources.

Does Aiken treat crazy ants?

Yes, we do! Crazy ants can be a tough insect to get rid of but we have the experience and the know-how to eliminate these pests. Like many other ants, you can’t kill a couple here and there and hope they won’t come back. In order to eradicate an ant problem you have to eliminate the entire colony. Since crazy ants have more than one queen, they can be especially difficult to get rid of. Over-the-counter pesticides pose more of a threat to you and your family than they do to crazy ants. The best way to manage an ant problem is with the help of a professional pest control company like Aiken. At Aiken, we offer quality ant control services as well as a variety of other home pest control programs to solve all your pest needs!


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