It can be more than a bit disturbing to find a swarm of honey bees clustered on a tree in your backyard. It is even more disturbing to find them grouped together in your landscaping or on the exterior of your home. When you see honey bees, our recommendation is to take a deep breath; it might not be as bad as you think. Join us as we discuss a few important facts about honey bees and what honey bee pest control In Aiken should look like.

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FAQs About Honey Bee Swarms & Established Hives

We get a lot of questions about bee swarms and hives. As a licensed pest management provider that offers gentle honey bee removal and services that prevent honey bees from creating hives, we're called in to handle bee control issues. Here are some of the questions we get, and the answers we give.

Are honey bees in South Carolina a protected species?

There are no laws that protect honey bees in our state, but bee removal professionals and beekeepers work hard to find solutions that don't cause harm to honey bees if possible.

Do I need to call a pest professional when I see a swarm of bees?

It certainly doesn't hurt to do so, but you should know that it is possible that your bee problem will correct itself. The bees may only be in your yard for a few hours or a couple of days if they are migrating. A professional can provide insight and help to prevent the bees from staying, but you could just wait and see if they go away.

What do I do if I find a hive?

Honey bees are more aggressive when defending their nests because they are defending their brood. When you find a swarm of honey bees, they are less likely to attack you. They are gathered around the queen to shield and protect her. As long as you don't disturb the swarm by shaking the tree they are clinging to, or do some other action that might be considered a threat, you should be fine.

If you live in Aiken or the surrounding area, reach out to Akien Pest Control for assistance with honey bees. We can guide you toward the best solution.

Why Honey Bees Nest In Walls & On Structures

In nature, you can find honey bee hives in tree voids, logs, and other wood cavities. This is where honey bees prefer to establish their nests. It only makes sense that a honey bee colony would desire to create a nest inside a wall void of your home or in some other wood cavity on your property. There are two things you should understand about this.

  • If you find a honey bee swarm in your yard, you should know that there is a likelihood that scout bees from the swarm are looking for a suitable location to establish a hive. If those scouts discover a hole in your exterior, the bees might move in. Seal any gaps or holes that may provide entrance into structures on your property.

  • When you seal potential entry points, be sure to look for honey bee activity around entry points. You don't want to accidentally seal bees inside your walls. When they die, they (and their hives) will be attractants for pests such as rodents. If honey bees have an established hive in a wall of a structure on your property, vibrations from pounding nails and other activities could cause the bees to attack.

There is more to addressing gaps, cracks, and holes that honey bees may enter through than simply sealing these points of entry. A pest professional will evaluate the potential for unwanted results and use field-tested methods to achieve the correct results.

What Not To Do When You Spot A Beehive

When you find honey bees nesting on your property, you may have the urge to destroy the hive with an over-the-counter product. There are a few reasons why you shouldn't do this.

  • Honey bees are important pollinators and honey bee populations are in decline. It is far better to let those bees live.

  • If you spray a honey bee colony, you will aggravate the bees and you're likely to get stung, perhaps multiple times.

  • Destroying a honey bee hive is only the first step in dealing with your problem. A licensed pest professional can help you make decisions that will clean up the mess, seal essential entry points, and keep this problem from happening again.

It is a good idea to get professional assistance with honey bee hives.

Safe & Gentle Beehive Removal In Aiken

At Aiken Pest Control, we offer gentle honey bee removal, whenever possible, and we use safe methods for removing hives. We also provide a free inspection. We want you to find the right residential pest control solution for these important pollinators.

Along with providing honey bee hive removal in Aiken, we offer quarterly pest control service visits that work to prevent honey bees from attempting to create more nests on your property. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance. We can help.


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