When fleas get into your home, they can bite you. But fleas don't live on people. The effect they have on you is nothing compared to the effect they have on your furry family members. Dogs and cats can develop many issues from exposure to flea bites. It can lead to flea allergy dermatitis, anemia, Bartonella infection, tapeworms, and more. Here is a quick guide to help you keep fleas from chewing up your furry friends.

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Wildlife Management 

Flea control and wildlife control go hand in hand. Fleas don't hop into your yard. Furry animals bring them into your yard. Everything you do to control animal activity in your yard can help reduce flea populations.

  • Put fencing around food sources. Be sure to install fencing at least a foot below the surface to keep animals from burrowing under. Keep in mind that some furry animals don't eat what you would expect. Meadow voles, for instance, feed on the bark around the base of trees.

  • If you're having trouble with these critters, you need to put a protective shield around the base of your trees to keep these rodents away and to prevent them from bringing fleas into your yard.

  • Reduce clutter. Many animals are drawn to a yard that has clutter. They hide in it, they build nests in it, and the create burrows in the ground underneath it. Clear, open spaces are unattractive to many animals.

  • Keep things trimmed. Overgrowth, tall grass, weeds, and lots of vegetation are appealing to wildlife. Keep things neat to resist wildlife.

  • Birdseed. This is an often-overlooked food source for mice and other small animals that carry fleas. If you have bird feeders in your yard, consider putting them at least 20 feet from your exterior walls to prevent mice from bringing fleasticks, and other parasites near your home.

  • If you put food down outside for your pets or for livestock, be sure to pick it up after mealtimes and never leave the food overnight.

Wildlife Exclusion

Sometimes animals will come into your yard no matter what you do to make it uninviting. When they do, it is vital that they do not find an entry point into your home. Do an inspection and seal gaps, cracks, and holes. For small holes, a caulking gun and some silicone caulk can seal things up. Larger holes may require a foam product or wire mesh. Look closely around doors, windows, pipes and wire conduit. These are notorious entry points for furry critters.

The Best Protection from Flea Infestations

While there are many ways you can reduce the risk of getting a flea infestation in your home, the best protection comes from a collaboration with your veterinarian and a trusted pest control provider.

Veterinarians — Your vet will guide you toward products that are suitable for your pet and for your family. It is important to keep in mind that the active ingredient in collars can make children, the elderly, and the infirm sick when dogs or cats with collars are cuddled. Your vet will help you figure out what products will work best for you.

Pest Control Provider — There are a few ways a licensed and certified pest control provider can help you prevent flea infestations. Routine treatments to your foundation perimeter will kill fleas that hatch and attempt to cocoon near your home where your pets can pick them up. A quality pest control program will include rodent monitoring and management to prevent rodents from bringing fleas into your home. Routine inspections and clear communication from a professional will alert you to conditions that could attract rodents and increase rodent activity. While your pest provider is protecting you from fleas and rodents, you'll get coverage for a wide range of other pests that can threaten your health and damage your property. At Aiken Pest Control, we cover over 30 common South Carolina pests.

Whether you're currently dealing with a flea infestation or you'd like to prevent flea infestations, we can help. Our highly-trained pest control professionals know how to break the cycle of flea infestations inside homes and reduce flea populations around homes. Reach out and request a free inspection to get started. It's that easy!


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