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Crickets chirping outside your home can be relaxing and enjoyable on a cool summer night. However, crickets in your home are an entirely different story. House crickets make their way into homes for survival. When colder weather hits, they go in search of a warm place to spend the fall and winter. When trying to attract females crickets the males will rub their front wings together, making a loud chirping sound, which may be an enjoyable sound outdoors but not so much inside the home.

a house cricket up close

What do house crickets look like?

House crickets are tan in color. They have wings and are ¾ of an in to 7/8 of an inch long. They have 6 legs, antennae and 3 dark cross bands on their head.

Quick house cricket facts

  • Are most active at night

  • Make loud chirping noises in order to find a partner to mate

  • Do not pose any health or safety risks

  • Damage fabrics as well as stain clothing and furniture

House cricket habits and behaviors

  • House crickets are nocturnal, so they are the most active at night

  • They like to hide in dark, damp, warm places, such as: basements, shrubs, grass and crawl spaces

  • House crickets are drawn to electric lights

  • Outside house crickets eat plants or insects, inside they snack on clothes and fabric

Are house crickets dangerous?

While house crickets don’t pose any health risks to humans, they can be a real nuisance and can damage your property. Carpets and clothing are two things typically damaged by this insect.

Does Aiken treat house crickets?

We offer house cricket control as part of our home pest control services. Our pros understand this pest and its unique behavioral inclinations. The experts at Aiken will be able to quickly identify the pest that is causing you problems as well as form a plan to resolve the issue. If house crickets in South Carolina are causing problems in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll take care of it for you.


Guide To Stopping Crickets From Chirping In Your Aiken Home


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