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If you carefully look in the corners of your home, inside and out you will most likely see cobwebs and spiders. Spiders in Aiken come inside your home looking for shelter and food. They spin webs to use as nets to catch their food. Unfortunately, your house is the perfect environment for them. Your home lacks the elements, such as rain and wind, that can so easily destroy their hard work.

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What do house spiders look like?

Common house spiders can range from yellowish brown to brown in color. Their abdomen is typically more of a dirty white color with several dark stripes. House spiders have an elongated shaped body with eight legs. They are commonly found sitting on the edge of their web.

Quick house spider facts

  • Are not venomous spiders

  • Range in size and color

  • Construct webs in order to catch prey

  • Will not damage structures or belongings

House spider habits and behaviors

House spiders are most likely to be found in ceiling corners, under furniture, in closets, basements and crawl spaces. Outside they can be found under the eaves near a light source that will attract food. They will build a web with the intention of ensnaring some prey. If the web is not profitable or it the environment becomes compromised, they will abandon their webs.

Are house spiders dangerous?

House spiders do not pose threats to humans. They are merely just a nuisance. Although this is true, spiders of any species is enough to send a person running in fear. House spiders may not pose health threats to your family but they can certainly cause you to feel unwelcome in your own home. A spider infestation can leave you feeling nervous and their unsightly webs can become quite a chore to keep swept away. Since these pests are elusive by nature it is best to have a professional who understands their unique behavioral habits to eliminate them from your home.

Does Aiken treat house spiders?

Yes! By utilizing our home pest control service we can manage these pests for you! From prevention to treatment and continued protection, Aiken knows how to keep these pests out of your life!


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