There is no doubt that a brown recluse spider bite can be dangerous. The venom of a brown recluse can have necrotic properties. If necrosis spreads underneath the skin, it is difficult to tell because the necrosis causes nerve endings to die, so the pain does not register as it should. This is why some brown recluse spider bites have led to severe disfiguring wounds. But these wounds are rare. Today, we're going to discuss the level of danger brown recluse spiders present in Aiken homes and how you can reduce the risk of getting bitten.

brown recluse on bathroon tile
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Why A Recluse Spider Might Not Bite You

It stands to reason that a spider that doesn't bite you isn't dangerous to you, right? There are a few reasons you may never have one of these spiders bite you.

Reclusiveness: The truth about brown recluse spiders is that they are as reclusive as their name implies. They won't establish themselves in your bedroom, living room, and other common areas. They prefer to be away from activity and will typically roam around in undisturbed locations that are dusty. Contact with these spiders will most likely occur in storage rooms, attic spaces, crawl spaces, and other places you don't go very often.

Aggressiveness: The brown recluse isn't an aggressive spider. If you enter into a space that has these spiders, they're not going to run after you and try to bite you. You're not small enough to be considered prey. If you're cautious and don't put your hand into any holes or voids, you shouldn't have to worry.

Why Every Recluse Bite Isn't Serious

It is estimated that only around 10 percent of brown recluse spider bites require medical attention. Most bites will heal on their own. The concern is that wounds that don't heal on their own could be causing undetectable damage. It is best to have all recluse bites examined and monitored by a physician. But you need not have fear of these spiders. It is far more likely that any bite from a brown recluse spider will be mild.

Why It Is Best To Not Have These Spiders Around

While a brown recluse spider isn't predisposed to bite you, it can bite you. And while a brown recluse spider bite isn't likely to be a significant danger, it can be. When considering the threat, keep in mind that brown recluse spiders are nocturnal and can roam your house while you're sleeping. If you are bitten in a sensitive area, such as the eyelid, while you're sleeping, it could present a greater medical concern. If you detect brown recluse spiders in your home, you should take steps to prevent contact and consider contacting a licensed pest management professional or spider control.

How To Prevent Brown Recluse Spider Bites

There are ways to limit exposure to brown recluse spiders. Here are a few tips to help you prevent an infestation and reduce the risk of spider bites.

  • Do a detailed inspection of your exterior and seal any potential entry points, such as gaps around pipes, cracks in your foundation, and gaps around exterior doors.

  • Alter the habitat around your home to make it less inviting to brown recluse and other spiders. Blow leaves out of your landscaping, remove stacked wood, reduce organic debris, and get rid of objects spiders can hide inside or underneath.

  • Wear gloves when working in your yard.

  • Be cautious when getting boxes out of storage. Brown recluse spiders like to hide in boxes.

  • Be cautious when picking up towels or clothing from the floor. Brown recluse spiders hide in holes and voids.

  • Shake shoes and other footwear before putting them on.

  • Turn bedding down before getting into bed at night, especially if you leave your bed unmade.

  • Remove skirting from beds to prevent spiders from climbing up.

  • Refrain from allowing covers to hang down and touch the floor.

  • If you have box springs and mattresses that sit on the floor, consider investing in a bed frame.

If Spider Control Is Needed

When brown recluse spiders are detected in your Aiken home, remember that the team here at Aiken Pest Control is available to help. We can take a look at your spider issue and evaluate the threat. Then, using targeted treatments, monitoring devices, and other industry-leading methods and products, we can get complete control of your spider problem.

Connect with us with any questions. We're here to help. Or schedule a service visit and we'll have one of our experienced and knowledgeable technicians come over and have a look. While brown recluse spiders aren't nearly as dangerous as you might have thought, it is best to not have them in your home. We can help you with that. Reach out to us today.


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