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Norway rats in South Carolina are also known as street rats, common rats, sewer rats, and brown rats. Today they have a worldwide presence, but they are generally believed to have Asian origins.

a norway rat in south carolina

What do Norway rats look like?

Norway rats are usually 7” to 12” long. Their scale-covered tail is usually the same length as their bodies. These rodents have a somewhat shaggy brown fur covering. They are about twice the size of a common house mouse.

Quick Norway rat facts

  • Are primarily nocturnal

  • Have poor eyesight but rely on their hearing and other senses which are excellent

  • Also referred to as brown rats, sewer rats, and wharf rats

  • Tend to occupy lower levels of homes and facilities

Norway rats habits and behaviors

Norway rats can be found outdoors in farmland, barns, and fields. Burrowing in riverbanks, garbage and wood piles is also on their list of homes. In the fall, Norway rats head indoors in search of warmth and food. Being social creatures, where there is one, there most certainly are more. Being nocturnal creatures, these rats tend to rest and hide during the day and are active in their search for food at night. The list of desired and approved food sources for them is long and varied. These scavengers will eat just about any food source, from meats, fruits, grains, and nuts to the catching and eating of small fish and rodents. Water is a necessity for their survival and will often be close by their nests.

Are Norway rats dangerous?

Norway Rats can pose health risks to humans as they are common carriers of disease pathogens. They have been proven to be involved in many diseases over the years. Fleas and other smaller parasites can live on these traveling rodents introducing yet another pest into your home. These fleas and parasites can carry a host of issues themselves.

Does Aiken get rid of Norway rats?

Yes! Aiken has been removing troublesome pests, like Norway Rats, from homes and business for over 40 years. For more information on our rodent control programs, please contact us today!


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