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Old house borers in South Carolina are one of the most damaging wood-boring insects. They are members of the “long-horned beetle” family. They generally lay their eggs in crevices and cracks of logs and wood stored in lumber yards. Consequently, they are quite often found in newer construction rather than in old homes, like their name suggests. It can take several years for their eggs to hatch. This insect not only eats wood but also bores through it.

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What do old house borers look like?

These insects are about 1/2'” to ¾” long. They have long antennae and are black to gray in color. They have patches of hair on their wing covers and on the thorax. They can also be found as whitish larva. The larvae can be up to 1 ¼” in length. There are three eyes on each side of the head.

Quick old house borer facts

  • Are a wood-boring insect

  • Are the most important wood-destroying insects in SC homes after termites

  • Infest pine and other seasoned softwoods

  • Are more commonly found in new homes although their name would suggest older homes

Old house borers’ habits and behaviors

This wood-boring insect makes a clicking or rasping sound as it chews through wood. This sound is not usually heard by humans. Adult old house borers usually come out in the summer months to mate and then they lay their eggs in the cracks and crevices of logs and wood. After several years, those eggs hatch and the larvae stage begins. Old house borers prefer pine, spruce, and coniferous wood to eat. Generally, these insects are localized, but they can spread to other parts of a structure and do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Are old house borers dangerous?

On the bright side, old house borers do not pose any known threats to humans, but that is it as far as the good news goes. This insect can do extensive damage to the structure of a building in a short period of time. Since the eggs are laid in cracks and crevices, you won’t likely know you have a problem until they hatch and start eating away at your property. These insects can bore holes 6-10 millimeters in diameter.

Does Aiken treat old house borers?

We can get rid of this pest for you for sure! Old house borers are not an insect that you want to try to eliminate on your own. Pesticides can be dangerous and they don’t always work effectively. For more information on how to effectively control and prevent this pest give the professionals at Aiken a call today! We can walk you through our home pest control programs and help you with any pest situation you may be facing!


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