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While pharaoh ants are believed to be from Africa, they have found their way into the United States. There is more than one queen in a colony of pharaoh ants so they are able to move in and spread quickly. What do pharaoh ants look like? This small ant is a yellowish to reddish color. Their abdomen is often darker, almost black. They have 6 legs and antennae. When we say they’re small we mean tiny! They are only about 1/16 of an inch long.

pharaoh ants on the floor of a kitchen

Pharaoh ant habits and behaviors

Ant colonies can have thousands of workers. Since there is more than one queen per colony, these ants can spread like wildfire, breaking into several smaller groups. They often travel along electrical and telephone wires. These ants like to eat sweets, proteins, and oils and will also eat other dead bugs. Pharaoh ants like warm, humid places and can often be found in stores, hospitals, and hotels. These ants travel inside looking for food and because they are not able to survive outside year round.

Quick pharaoh ant facts

  • Have the ability to bud which means they'll create many colonies on one property or in one structure

  • Prefer to nest indoors 

  • Travel along utility lines

  • Are a serious concern for hospitals because they contaminate equipment and rooms and have been found in IVs and patients' wounds

Are pharaoh ants dangerous?

Pharaoh ants can spread diseases and pathogens to humans. They have been known to spread salmonella and Streptococcus. These ants can be a huge problem in hospitals as they can enter IV bottles, patient wounds, and even the mouths of sleeping patients.

Does Aiken treat pharaoh ants?

Yes! Our home pest control program can keep your home free of this ant and other pests! We also offer commercial pest control for businesses that need help getting rid of ants and other pests. 

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