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pill bug on a wooden deck in sc

Quick Facts

  • Like shrimp, pill bugs are crustaceans but they can live their entire life on land
  • Often referred to as rollie-pollies, potato bugs, and armadillo bugs
  • Have shells that look like armor
  • Prefer moist, dark areas

Pill bugs are crustaceans found in moist areas of decaying vegetation. That’s right! Pill bugs are the only crustacean that has adapted to spending its entire life on land instead of in the water. They are sometimes referred to as “roly-polys.”

What do pill bugs look like?

These bugs are easy to recognize. Their backs are made up of seven, hard plates. They have oval bodies and seven pairs of legs. They are dark brown to black and about 3/4” long.

Pill bug habits and behaviors

  • Pill bugs are often found hiding under moist areas of decaying vegetation such as leaves or under damp, rotting wood.

  • When they feel threatened or disturbed, pill bugs roll into a ball. That is where their name originated from.

  • They are most active at night time

Are pill bugs dangerous?

Pill bugs are not known to pose any threats to humans. They don’t contaminate food or spread diseases. While they are outside, they are pretty much harmless, it’s once they get inside that they become a problem. Pill bugs are more a nuisance than anything else. This is one of those pests that when you see it, you think “What is that?” and “What is it doing in my house?”. 

Does Aiken treat pill bugs?

Pill bugs are just one of the many pests covered by our home pest control program. Whether it’s a pest like the pill bug that is more an annoyance than anything else, or a rodent or insect that is posing a threat to your home and the people in it, we have the experience to get rid of them! We use eco-friendly methods that are available at affordable rates! Contact us today to learn more.


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