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powder post beetle on a log outside aiken home

Quick Facts

  • Are a common wood-boring pest in South Carolina 
  • Infest oak and other hardwoods
  • Only their larvae damage wood and may reduce wood to a fine powder
  • Are often introduced to homes in lumber or products made out of wood


Powder post beetles are capable of reducing wood to a fine, flour-like powder (University of Kentucky College of Agriculture). They are wood-destroying beetles that infest homes and businesses in South Carolina.

What do powder post beetles look like?

Adult powder post beetles in our area are reddish brown to black in color and are very slender insects. Larvae are typically white or cream colored and often recognizable by the C shape they form. The thing about powder post beetles is that you don’t usually see any insects when an infestation is present. Rather you are likely to notice piles of fine dust by small exit holes in wood.

Powder post beetle habits and behaviors

  • This type of beetle damages seasoned hardwoods such as flooring, furniture, and structural woods.

  • Larvae living in and eating the wood, can take up to four years to develop.

  • Damage is not necessarily indicative of an active powder post beetle infestation.

Are powder post beetles dangerous?

Powder post beetles are not a threat to people. As previously noted, they do damage wood. That makes them a threat to the structure of your home and other items.

Does Aiken offer powder post beetle control?

At Aiken Pest Control, our powder post beetle control consists of conventional treatment.  In severe cases, fumigation may be needed. It also may be necessary to replace infested wood. Give us a call or contact us online to discuss your concerns about powder post beetles.

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