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roof rat on sc homes roof

Quick Facts

  • Most active at night 
  • Also called black rats and ship rats
  • Are agile climbers and often travel on utility lines and fence tops
  • Often found in attics, walls, false ceilings, and cabinets


As their name suggests, roof rats are often found hanging out in the higher levels of structures. Though they have poor eyesight, they are excellent climbers.

What do roof rats look like?

Roof rats are black rats (sometimes brown) that are smaller than Norway rats by a couple of inches. If you see rats near water, it’s probably not a roof rat as they are poor swimmers. But what they lack in swimming prowess, they make up in their climbing abilities.

Roof rat habits and behaviors

  • Live in uppers parts of buildings but may also nest underneath or inside.

  • Like other female rodents, are prolific breeders producing up to 40 new rodents a year.

  • Roof rats are nocturnal creatures and if spotted may indicate that their nest is full of other rats.

Are roof rats dangerous?

They are dangerous pests. Roof rats destroy property, and can cause fires or shorts with their constant gnawing. More importantly, roof rats are a threat to human health. They contaminate food with their droppings and urine (which can lead to food poisoning) and may carry fleas, parasites and disease that can cause serious illness.

Does Aiken offer rodent control services?

At Aiken Pest Control, we offer relief from roof rats and other rodents common to our region. For homeowners, our home pest control services target rodents as well as insects that frequently invade. Our commercial pest control services are designed to keep rodents and other pests out of commercial and industrial facilities. Want to learn more? Contact Aiken Pest Control today!


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