It's not fun finding a spider clinging to a wall inside your home. It is even less fun to look down and find a spider on your leg while watching television. There are many ways you might have an unwanted encounter with a spider inside your home. We have several spider species in Aiken that find their way indoors. If you're thinking, "Um, no thanks." We have seven easy spider prevention tips to help you keep Aiken spiders out of your home.

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spider in basement

Tip 1: Remove Interior Webs With A Broom

It usually doesn't take much effort to remove a spider web. On the interior of your home, you can quickly remove a spider web with a broom—just be sure to put the broom outside when you're done. This is so that any eggs in those webs hatch outside. When spider eggs hatch outside, the spider population inside your home is reduced, and you have fewer encounters with spiders in your home. We also recommend treating the bristles of the broom to destroy the egg sacs. This helps to prevent indoor spiders from hatching outside and finding their way back inside.

Tip 2: Remove Interior Webs With A Vacuum

Another easy way to deal with spiders and prevent unwanted encounters is to suck spider webs up with your vacuum. After you do this, be sure to put the vacuum bag outside. If you have a fire pit, you could throw the bag in the fire pit and burn it for added protection. At the very least, consider putting the bag in a trash bin that is away from the exterior of your home.

Tip 3: Remove Exterior Webs

Exterior web removal is even more important than interior web removal because it works to prevent spider problems before they begin. Most spider webs can be removed with a broom or vacuum. If you have webs in high places, a good idea is to attach a spider removal tool to the end of a long pole. Once you've removed the webs with the tool, you'll need to treat the tool with an agent that will eliminate the egg sacs, burn the tool, or put the tool in a location away from your home. Whatever works for you.

Tip 4: Address Exterior Lights

Before spiders come into your home, they find a reason to be near your home. A big incentive for a spider is the presence of insects. There are many ways to address insect populations around your home, but one easy way is to remove light as an attractant. White light attracts insects. Keep lights off or replace white lights with yellow lights. The yellow spectrum of light is less attractive to insects. Also consider the light that leaks out your windows and sliding glass doors. Keep your drapes and shades drawn at night.

Tip 5: Trash Maintenance

This tip is easy if you are proactive. A stinky trash receptacle is attractive to insects, and spiders will move in when they detect insect activity. Keep your trash receptacles free of odors by making sure your trash is removed in a timely manner. If you don't get your trash to the curb on trash day and it is allowed to sit for a week, the scent can make your receptacle stink. When this happens, you'll need to consider disinfecting the receptacles, which can be a bit of a chore.

Tip 6: Keep Your Plants Healthy

When landscaping gets unhealthy, it can attract spiders. This is because insects are drawn to plant decay. There are a few things you can do to keep your plants strong and healthy. If you like doing this kind of work, then this is an easy tip. If you don't, it is an even easier tip because all you have to do is call someone to come take care of your landscaping for you.

  • Remove the weeds in your landscaping and apply mulch.

  • Trim your bushes and other landscape plants to allow for good airflow.

  • Water your plants in the morning to prevent water from staying on your plants during the night.

  • Clean your gutters and make repairs so that your perimeter doesn't become oversaturated by rainwater running down your roof.

Tip 7: Invest In A Residential Pest Control Plan

There is no better way to reduce exterior pests than to invest in year-round pest control. Routine visits from a pest management professional will give your perimeter what it needs to naturally deter and exclude spiders. You'll also be excluding a long list of other potential indoor pests.

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