Have you been looking for some easy tips to help you get control of cockroaches and keep them out of your home? We have some good news and we have some bad news. The good news is that there are some things you can do to get control of cockroaches, and they're easy to understand. The bad news is that they're not easy to do. There is only one easy way to get control of cockroaches. We'll cover that at the end. But first, let's look at seven easy-to-understand, and effective, cockroach control tips.

cockroach crawling on wood
cockroach crawling on concrete

1. Remove natural hiding places around your home.

Cockroaches love to squeeze into gaps and cracks. They're right at home in a pile of rocks or a stack of wood. If you have objects piled in your yard, especially objects that are found in nature, cockroaches will want to hang out in your yard. Remove the piles, or move them far from your exterior walls.

2. Remove lawn clutter.

Cockroaches don't just hide in natural hiding places. They'll get underneath other objects in your yard. The more lawn clutter you have, the happier cockroaches will be. Objects provide shaded spots for cockroaches to get out of the sun and stay moist.

3. Remove leaf litter.

When leaves sit on the ground around your home, they can provide cockroaches with a moist habitat that is ideal for hiding from the sun and finding a bite to eat. One of the many things cockroaches eat are dead insects.

4. Trash Management

Your trash can be a strong attractant for cockroaches. When trash is not removed weekly, it starts to stink. That smell can be sensed by cockroaches. Be sure to remove your trash weekly, and clean your receptacles if trash is ever allowed to sit for longer than a week. It is also important to protect your trash. Cockroaches can find food sources in your trash and breed inside your trash. Make sure you have tight-fitting covers on your trash cans if cockroaches are an issue for you.

5. Remove Decaying Organic Matter

Anything that rots can be an attractant to cockroaches. Roaches prefer food that is rotting. This could be fruit lying under a fruit tree. It could be a dirty dog or cat dish sitting outside. It could be bird seed fermenting on the ground. It may even be a dead rodent hidden in your landscaping. If you smell anything rotting, you can bet cockroaches smell it too. Find and remove anything that is rotting.

6. Remove feces

Cockroaches will eat animal dung. This could be fertilizer in your shed. It could be dog droppings in your yard. It could be rodent droppings near your foundation walls. These will attract cockroaches to your home.

7. Entry Points

When cockroaches explore your walls, and they will do this no matter what you do, it is vital that they aren't able to easily get into your home. Seal gaps around pipes and wire conduits. Fix damaged screens and weatherstripping on doors. Seal gaps around window and door frames. No gap or crack is too small. Get them all.

The Easy And Effective Way To Control Cockroaches

If you don't want cockroaches in your home, there is an easy way to keep them out. Let the friendly and knowledgeable pest professional from Aiken Pest Control take care of those roaches. We provide comprehensive control for household pests in South Carolina, even pests that are difficult to keep out of your home—like roaches. Our residential pest control service includes a detailed exterior assessment, yard inspection, and entry point inspection. Based on our findings, we apply products to block the paths pets can use to get into your home and move about your home. With every visit, you get appropriate treatments to your exterior to repel and eliminate insects. And we keep you informed. Best of all, we do all the hard work. How easy is that?

Are you ready to say goodbye to cockroaches? If so, contact Aiken Pest Control today and schedule to meet with one of our licensed pest professionals. We'll guide you in selecting the right plan for your specific needs and budget.


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