Cockroaches are never a great sign for homeowners, but in Aiken, South Carolina, there are only two major house-invading species that you’ve got to worry about, American cockroaches and brown-banded cockroaches.

brown banded cockroach on a wall
american cockroach on a sandwich

Since they can grow anywhere up to two to three inches long, American roaches are the largest house-infesting roach in the country. These pests go by several names, including water bugs, palmetto bugs, and even Bombay canaries. American roaches have reddish-brown coloring, but they’re often recognized by the large yellow band that outlines the back of their head. While these roaches may start outside, they often wander indoors, especially in humid areas of your home.

Brown-banded cockroaches are another type that doesn’t mind living outside but may wander in because of warmth or humidity. As their name suggests, these roaches have two brown bands that encircle their bodies – and a full set of wings. When they’re inside your home, brown-banded roaches are especially fond of laying their eggs underneath furniture. These pests are far from easy to deal with, whether you’re dealing with American or brown-banded cockroaches. Not only can they hold their breath underwater for over thirty minutes, but since they don’t need a functioning brain to survive, they can live for up to a week decapitated. As formidable as cockroaches are, you can still get rid of them. Here’s what Aiken homeowners should know about how roaches get into your home, why DIY methods often fail, and what to do if you see signs of cockroaches.

How Do Cockroaches Get Inside Aiken Homes?

Not only are they resilient, but cockroaches are extremely resourceful, too – especially when it comes to getting inside your home. There are several ways that cockroaches use to gain access to your home, such as:

Drains and sewers: Many cockroach species, like American roaches, don’t mind hanging out in unsanitary locations like drains and sewers. They may even use these areas to get inside your home. If your sewer line or drain is experiencing repairs, displaced cockroaches may wander in as a result. They can use sewer lines to crawl in and then emerge in your home through a floor drain.

Plumbing and pipes: Roaches often use plumbing lines and pipes to crawl between neighboring apartments and townhouses if you share utility lines or walls with someone else.

Boxes and bags: In some cases, cockroaches may end up in your home because you’ve brought them in. Like bed bugs, roaches aren’t shy about hitching a ride on luggage, bags, or boxes to get inside your home. Before bringing in groceries or secondhand items, it’s always a good idea to check your belongings for signs of cockroaches.

Cracks and crevices: If they can’t get inside through plumbing lines or sewer lines, cockroaches can also use cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation to gain access.

Once they’ve made it inside your home, cockroaches are far from easy to eliminate. Since they’re excellent hiders (and most active at night), their presence can go undetected for months.

Can DIY Methods Eliminate Cockroaches?

To save money or time, many homeowners may try to eliminate a cockroach infestation with DIY techniques and home remedies before they enlist professional help. Unfortunately, most DIY methods for cockroach elimination are less than effective.

Cockroach baits and traps may get rid of some of the infestation, but they’re unlikely to attract every single roach in your home – especially young roaches or eggs.

Using over-the-counter pesticides is another popular solution, but these aren’t usually completely effective either. Cockroaches are already resistant to many pesticides and insecticides, and repeated exposure may just make them harder to kill.

Not to mention, OTC sprays and treatments can be toxic for you, your family, or your pets – especially if used in large quantities.

How To Deal With A Cockroach Infestation In Aiken, SC

Although DIY cockroach elimination methods may promise to save you money, they often do the complete opposite – and may put your family or pets at risk. Rather than waste your time with ineffective treatments, the best way to protect your family from cockroaches is with professional help from Aiken Pest Control. We’ve been the trusted choice for pest control services in the Aiken area for over fifty years, and we’ll put our experience to good use in your home. If you’re spotting signs of cockroaches or already know you’ve got a problem, there’s no time to waste – contact us at Aiken Pest Control today for more information or to request your free, no-obligation quote for our services.


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