You can find pill bugs, also called roly-polys, in gardens and homes across the country, and Aiken, South Carolina, is no exception. But how do pill bugs breathe, and what kills pill bugs? Here's what Aiken homeowners should know about pill bugs, where you can expect to find them, easy ways to get rid of them, and how pest control in Aiken can help you eliminate them.

a pill bug on a walkway
many pill bugs on a tree stump

What Do Pill Bugs Look Like?

Although some people may mistake them for insects, pill bugs are actually land-living isopods. Their wingless elongated, oval bodies usually grow up to 1/2 inch in length. Their body can be separated into three parts: the head, thorax, and abdomen, and they also have seven pairs of legs.

Pill bugs like to use their many pairs of legs to slowly crawl across outdoor and indoor surfaces, and they prefer hanging out in dark, moist areas. Pill bugs are scavengers, so they like to feed on decaying plant matter, which is why they often live in gardens and other outdoor locations.

Facts About Pill Bugs

Can pill bugs see color? Like many isopods, pill bugs have poor vision and don't see many colors. They're attracted to dark crevices that provide them with moisture. Here are some other interesting facts about pill bugs that you should know:

  • As isopods and land-living crustaceans, pill bugs don't breathe the same way that most land-living animals do. Pill bugs use gill-like structures to breathe and prefer moist environments but are not capable of surviving submerged in water.

  • When it feels threatened, a pill bug's first instinct is to roll into a ball and use its armored plates to protect itself. This is where the pest gets its nickname as a "roly-poly".

  • While they can be a pest for gardens and homes, pill bugs are also important to the environment because they help remove heavy metals from the soil.

  • Sowbugs and pill bugs can sometimes get mistaken for each other because they look and act similarly, but they are different pests.

While pill bugs make for interesting science experiments, they don't have any business settling in your Aiken home.

Where You Can Expect To Find Pill Bugs

Pill bugs can live almost anywhere that has a supply of decaying organic matter and moisture. For Aiken homeowners, you're most at-risk for finding pill bugs in your garden. While pill bugs don't transmit disease, bite, or sting, they can sometimes cause lasting damage to your plants.

Pill bugs may also sometimes end up in homes. This is generally by accident, as they usually don't infest homes purposely. Most Aiken homes don't have enough moisture or food for pill bugs, which is why they often dry up and die inside our homes.

Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Pill Bugs

Nobody wants pill bugs eating out of their gardens, but how do you get rid of an infestation? Here are some quick tips that may help you get rid of these pests without breaking a sweat:

  • Remove decaying mulch and plant matter from your garden so the area looks less appealing to pill bugs.

  • If you have large numbers of pill bugs in your home, you may need to remove any potted plants or soil indoors and move it outside.

  • Improve the air circulation of your plants by elevating them off the ground, maintaining shrubs, bushes, and trees, and not letting vines trail on the ground.

If the tips above aren't enough to deter pill bugs, the next step is to contact the professionals.

Contact The Professionals To Get Rid Of Pill Bugs Fast!

Whether the tips above just aren't working or you need to get rid of pill bugs fast, the most effective way to eliminate these pests is by working with Aiken Pest Control. As a completely local pest control company, we've been serving the Aiken area and surrounding counties for more than fifty years, and our services come with a complete, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you have been finding pill bugs damaging plants around your garden, or you've even found them invading your home, there's only one fast, effective solution. Contact us today at Aiken Pest Control to learn more about our pill bug control services or request a free quote for our services.


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