Have you ever captured a spider and carried it outside to release it back into the wild? Some people have a gentle heart and, even though spiders are gross, they have compassion for them and attempt to relocate them without doing them harm. But what those gentle-hearted people don't know is that only 5% of spiders that are seen inside a home have ever been outside. That spider they are returning to the wild has probably never been in the wild. It only knows the inside of a man-made structure. So… it's like releasing a domesticated animal, that's never been outside, into the woods. That spider is going to have some trouble adapting and it may die. But that isn't our focus. We bring this fact up because it helps to clarify why, and how, spiders are a year-round problem. Here are some things you should know.

house spider hanging in web in window
house spider crawling on a livingroom floor

Almost every home has a spider in it. The only homes that may be spider-free are homes that have routine pest control applied to the foundation and landscaping. This is because it doesn't take much of an entry point for some spiders to get in, especially the common house spider (Parasteatoda tepidariorum) which is only around 3/16 to 5/16 inches long. A pest control barrier is required to keep spiders out.

When some species of spiders get in, they stay in. The common house spider is one of them. It will explore your home, feed on insects both dead and alive, and produce offspring. Their offspring will hatch from their egg sacks and do the same (if they're able to survive). This allows a spider infestation to continue indefinitely.

If you have spiders in your home right now, you may not know it. They prefer to be in secluded locations, only coming out into your common areas when flies are present. Then they return to your wall voids, attic spaces, and other locations where they feed on insects and bugs that crawl around in these hidden places.

When spiders come out of hiding, it can feel like you suddenly have a spider infestation. But, it is usually just a food resource that has drawn out spiders that were already living in your home. They may also become more visible in your common areas during times of mating.

Does this mean that all the spiders you have in your home are spiders that were born in your home? Nope. New spiders can get into your home at any time. And they can come into your home at almost any time of the year. Most spiders have a natural antifreeze that helps them resist freezing. This gives them the ability to be active outside even when temperatures drop below 32 degrees, which doesn't happen very often in our Greenville, SC service area. So you can have a spider enter your home in the middle of winter.

Why do spiders come in if they have a natural antifreeze? Just because they can tolerate the cold doesn't mean they like being cold. If they crawl past a gap in your home that is letting heat out, they may check it out.

During the winter months, insects often get into our homes and disappear outside. This makes our homes a much better feeding ground for spiders than the outside.

Spider Control

There are many species of spiders that can do quite well in our South Carolina homes. When they get in, they find a great place to live. And you're probably not going to be able to convince them otherwise, even if you never have a fly in your home. The only way to get control of spiders is with a targeted application of pest control products, and this is best applied by a licensed professional.

  • A licensed pest professional uses field-tested products and industry-established methods for monitoring, eliminating, and excluding house spiders.

  • A licensed professional is aware of the dangerous spiders in South Carolina and will look for warning signs during routine inspections.

  • Ongoing pest control service can create a barrier that works to eliminate spiders before they get into your home and provide service for the interior of the home if spiders come out of hiding and make themselves known.

If you live in Aiken or our surrounding service area, let the QualityPro Certified team at Aiken Pest Control help you get control of those spiders and keep them out of your home. Get started by requesting a free inspection today!


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