You probably don't need anyone to tell you that ticks can be dangerous. There is a good chance that you've heard of Lyme disease and how serious it can be to contract this life-altering disease. You may even be aware that a bite from a certain tick can cause a rare meat allergy that can persist for decades. But have you heard of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Southern tick-associated rash illness, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, relapsing fever, anaplasmosis, Colorado tick fever, erythema chronicum migrans, or tick-borne encephalitis? If you haven't, these are all harmful diseases that can be spread by ticks. Some of these diseases can be spread to cats and dogs as well. And, that isn't the end of the bad news. There are several more tick-borne diseases that we didn't name. To say that it is bad to be bitten by a tick is an understatement. These parasitic pests present a major threat to the health of humans and pets alike. However, what you may not know it that year-round tick control for your yard is the best defense to prevent exposure to ticks. Here's why.

While there are many ways you can protect yourself and your pets from tick bites, none of them are foolproof. You can make sure your pets have tick collars, bathe them weekly in tick control products, and apply other veterinarian-prescribed prevention products and still be bitten by a tick inside your home. This is because not only can ticks still climb on your pets and ride into your home despite them being treated with tick products, they can also hitch a ride into your home on you, your kids, your guests, and even wild animals, particularly rodents. While those veterinarian-prescribed products are definitely a piece of the tick prevention puzzle, they aren't going to get the job done on their own.

a dog tick crawling on a hand
deer tick ready to bite skin

Your Perimeter

Ticks are typically found hiding in shaded places with high levels of humidity such as the areas near your foundation walls, piles of debris, leaves, and wood, and overgrown landscaping and grass. In these places, they lay in wait for a host to attach themselves to and feed on. Therefore, the fewer ticks you have hiding in your landscaping and around your property, the safer your family and your pets will be; your children will be much less likely to pick them up when they're outside playing, your pets will be much less likely to encounter ticks while they’re out exploring, and the chance of rodents picking ticks up and spreading them around your yard or inside your home will be significantly reduced. With fewer ticks on your property, you'll have fewer problems!

How Do You Reduce Ticks?

South Carolina provides everything ticks need to thrive. In our area, it is warm for most of the year, there are high humidity levels, and there are plenty of wild animals for them to feed on. So, in such a tick-friendly environment, how can you keep them from living in your yard? It’s not like we can make it too cold for them or get rid of the humidity, and it is nearly impossible to keep every single wild animal away from your property. Then what can you do? The solution is to get a routine treatment of EPA approved products to targeted locations around your property by a licensed professional.

Tick Control

There are several species of ticks that can be found in South Carolina, all of which can be reduced with tick control treatments provided by a pest control professional. And not only do routine treatment reduce ticks, they also work to reduce mosquitoes as well!

One-Time Or Year-Round?

If you have a pest control company take care of the ticks in your yard one time, the residual applied by your professional won’t last forever. It will eventually break down and be diluted by rainwater, leaving you, your family, and your furry family members vulnerable to tick exposure. The best way to avoid situations like this is to implement year-round tick control. With year-round service, your pest control professional will make sure your property has what it needs to resist ticks. That's good for you AND your pets!
The best way to avoid being bitten by dangerous ticks is quite simply to have no ticks in your yard, particularly in landscaping and shaded areas around your foundation perimeter. At Aiken Pest Control, we offer mosquito and tick control throughout the CSRA and Midlands of South Carolina. If you want protection from these two illness-spreading pests, reach out to us today to schedule your service.
No South Carolina home should be without protection from mosquitoes and ticks. Call us today to learn more about our residential pest control options


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