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Effective Wildlife Control Strategies: Protecting Your North Augusta Property And Environment

Raccoons can be very destructive around North Augusta homes.

Wildlife control services are a fundamental element of managing and maintaining your home. Part of living in this part of the country is dealing with the wildlife who live here as well. 

We’re about to explain why various forms of wildlife can be harmful to your property. With that said, we want to inspire reasonable, effective wildlife control. Just seeing a raccoon on your street isn’t a reason to panic. However, seeing a raccoon on your property every single night poses a problem.  

This post will walk you through the basics of identifying nuisance wildlife pests, the types of property damage typically caused by wildlife, and prevention and control strategies that address current problems and prevent future issues. Contact Aiken Pest Control to protect your home and loved ones with effective North Augusta wildlife control. 

From Skunks To Raccoons: Identifying Common Nuisance Wildlife

Raccoons, skunks, and opossums are just a few wildlife species you’re likely to see around the neighborhood. Thankfully, identifying each of these pests is fairly easy, and identification is a critical first step for deciding how to move forward. 

Raccoons are easily identified by their dark “masks” around their eyes and ringed tails. They’re also good with their front paws, which slightly resemble human hands. 

Skunks have a mix of black and white fur and usually have a distinctive white stripe on their faces. Maybe it goes without saying, but please keep your distance from skunks whenever you see them. 

Opossums have small, rounded ears and hairless digits and tails. They can also be quite large, at around 16 inches long, not including the tail.  

Of course, nuisance wildlife removal is a quick and easy solution to all of these pests and a great way to mitigate the damage they can cause. 

Property Damage And Wildlife: Understand The Costly Consequences

Avoiding wildlife removal can have serious consequences for your home and your property. 

For example, skunks may try to dig burrows in your yard or claw their way into vents. Opossums may damage vents and air ducts when entering or exiting your home. They can also cause damage to wires inside your home, which is especially concerning as it can lead to an increased risk of electrical fires. 

Lastly, raccoons can cause serious property damage. When trying to get inside your attic, they might damage your roof shingles, gutters, and other materials. 

Repairing any of this damage can be costly, and wildlife will likely cause even more damage if you don’t remove them from your property. Contact Aiken Pest Control to discuss removal services.

Preventing Wildlife Encounters: Proactive Tips for Property Owners

Effective wildlife pest control begins with wildlife prevention measures. Implement these helpful tips: 

  • Remove debris and clutter from your backyard. 
  • Promptly remove leaf piles. 
  • Do not leave standing water on your property. 
  • Never, ever feed any wildlife you see on your property. 
  • Use screen vents on ducts and chimneys to prevent intrusion. 
  • Make sure that your trash cans close fully. 

If you see wildlife somewhere on your property, keep your distance and, if possible, stay indoors to prevent direct contact.

Ready To Take Action? Contact Our Wildlife Control Experts Today!

Professional wildlife removal is the ultimate fix for nuisance wildlife pest problems in or near your home. Removal by trained professionals is safer than DIY trapping; it prevents potentially dangerous encounters, and it’s a great way to maintain the safety of your home and prevent serious property damage while remaining eco-conscious.     

Even if you’re still on the fence or just want to learn more about wildlife removal and why it’s best left to professionals, pest control providers are an excellent resource. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

If you need wildlife control near you, get in touch with Aiken Pest Control by phone or through our website.