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Cricket Invasion Solutions: How To Safeguard Your North Augusta Home

a cricket crawling in a home

North Augusta is a South Carolina town that uses its beautiful natural surroundings to draw people to its charming community. The city sits on a gorgeous riverfront, making boating and fishing a favorite activity. If you're a land lover, never fear—two beautiful parks and many trails should keep you entertained.

Unfortunately, one local pest often gets drawn to area homes—crickets. When these pests get comfy in homes, you'll need to use professional pest control in North Augusta to get them out.

Physical Characteristics Of Crickets: What To Look For

Crickets come in all shapes and sizes; in fact, there are over 2,000 different species. They are known for their mighty leaping legs and ability to chirp ("sing"). In North Augusta, most people find themselves dealing with house crickets. When you attempt to find these annoying "singers" in your home, it's good to be familiar with their unique characteristics.

Six physical characteristics of house crickets that help in identification include the following:

  1. They average between 3/4 and 7/8 of an inch long.
  2. Their coloration is typically a light brown to yellowish hue.
  3. They have three dark bands that appear behind their head.
  4. They have six legs, but their hind legs are exceptionally long and have short spines.
  5. They have lengthy, thin antennae that are lengthier than their body.
  6. They have pointed, flat, long wings that rest on their backs.

You can quickly identify a cricket if you know what to look for. If you suspect an overabundance of crickets frequenting your home, having Aiken Pest Control in for an inspection is wise.

Understand The Cricket Menace: The Problem With Crickets In The House

Crickets present North Augusta homeowners with a two-fold problem. First, house crickets make loud chirping noises, and since they're nocturnal, they usually do their "singing" at night when you're trying to sleep. Locating a cricket noise can present challenges and lead to sleep loss and irritability. The second problem with invading crickets is that they can damage things in your house.

House crickets are typically drawn to homes by outside lights and abundant moisture. Their favorite foods are plant materials and weak insects. Crickets also contaminate food and damage fabrics like fur, wool, silk, cotton, paper products, and linens, especially if the materials are dirty with food stains or have body sweat and oils on them. 

You'll probably hear house crickets before you notice the damage they inflict on your home. Still, damages will mount and prove substantial over time unless you get help from a pest professional like Aiken Pest Control. Our technicians can remove crickets and keep damage to a minimum.

Cricket Prevention: Naturally Effective Tips

Typically, crickets are happy outdoors, but when seasons get especially dry or temperatures start to cool off, they often look for warm, moist accommodations. Utilizing simple but effective tips can eliminate factors that draw crickets to homes and help keep them outside.

Five naturally effective tips for cricket prevention include the following suggestions:

  1. Get rid of any yard debris and excess vegetation close to your home.
  2. Replace outdoor lights with yellow bulbs.
  3. Use dehumidifiers in high-moisture rooms; fix plumbing leaks immediately.
  4. Use silicone-based caulking to seal crevices, cracks, and gaps in foundations.
  5. Apply weatherstripping around windows and doors; install door sweeps.

Proactive homeowners can do much to stop crickets from getting indoors, but even the best prevention measures can still fail. Once crickets get indoors, removal can prove challenging, so it's always best to use a pest expert like Aiken Pest Control; we know cricket habits and have the expertise to remove them effectively.

When To Call A Professional: Handling Severe Cricket Problems

Homeowners who wish to get rid of crickets need a pest control company with experience. At Aiken Pest Control, we are independently owned and operated and have served the Central Savannah River Area for over 50 years. Since 1967, our company has earned an excellent reputation for hard work, top-notch service, and dedication to excellent customer service.

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in North Augusta. We will meet and exceed your expectations while solving your current and future pest issues.