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How Can I Tell If My South Carolina Home Is At Risk For Termites?

many termites eating wood

Sometimes in life, there are problems we cannot see. And sometimes, they are right under our noses and remain there for months before we even catch a hint that they are there. Termites are one of these problems. Because of how they invade homes by burrowing into wood, and the silence and stealth in which they do it, it is not difficult to not know that your home is being destroyed from the inside out right under your nose. However, with a little knowledge and know-how, you should be able to discern if your home currently has, or might be attracting termites.

Factors That Lead Termites To Infest Homes

Termites do not commonly invade homes without first being attracted to a property. A few factors that could be drawing termites onto your property include wet cardboard, lumber piles, and plant debris. Consider storing lumber piles a fair distance from your home’s exterior, and as much as possible keep cardboard and other plant debris off your lawn and away from your home.

How To Tell If Your Home Is At High Risk Of Infestation

The most common termites here in South Carolina are subterranean termites, and whether or not your home is at risk of them invading all comes down to one factor, soft wood. Generally, the exterior foundational wood of your home was not built soft but requires conditioning to become soft. In most situations, this conditioning happens when water is allowed to drip on, wash over, or soak into your home's wood causing it to soften over time, which makes it the perfect food source for termites. If your exterior wood has been affected in this way, you can be sure it is attractive to termites.

Another indicator that your home could be at serious risk of a termite infestation is soil directly touching the exterior wood of your home. This is bad because termites are subversive pests that build their homes under soil and tunnel through it to find sources of food. If the soil they are infesting directly touches your home’s exterior wood, then you could be giving them a direct highway in.

Why It’s Never Too Late Or Too Early For A Termite Inspection

There is never a bad time to know if your home is at risk of a termite infestation. Keep in mind that the cost of fixing a home after termites have invaded is usually vastly more expensive than what it costs to protect it. Here at Aiken, we not only have ways to identify termite threats but the means to stop them as well. Don’t wait and risk termites becoming silent destroyers in your home. Call the pros here at Aiken today and let us make sure your home is safe with our reliable termite control solutions.