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What Do I Do If I Think My Aiken Home Has Termites?

termite damage on baseboard

Many homeowners make the mistake of only worrying about pests once a problem is noticeable, but termites prove why this hands-off approach is dangerous. Termite colonies are attracted to every home because they eat the materials our structures are made of. They toil away below the ground and within walls, unseen for weeks or months while they chew through your property. 

If you even suspect you have termites, you should turn to professionals for inspections and fast-acting treatments. Aiken Pest Control wants to help you avoid termites rather than simply react to them, so contact us today to learn how to be proactive with termite control in Aiken. 

What Are The Signs Of Termites? 

Since most homeowners spot termite problems too late, it’s important to learn what the signs of termites in your home are. Here are some of the key pieces of evidence to watch for to let you know it’s time to call the experts: 

  • Frass: The droppings termites leave behind look like sawdust because these creatures eat wood. This fine material is called frass, a sure sign of termite activity. 
  • Mud tubes: Subterranean termites form tunnels below ground, with entrances that look like mud tubes around homes and yards. 
  • Discarded wings: The earliest sign of termite activity is the discarded wings of alates, the reproductive members of colonies who first choose where to lay claim to wood. 

It’s important to head off termite problems early on by spotting these and other signs of an infestation. Turn to Aiken Pest Control to get help identifying termites and factors that might attract them to your home. 

How Much Damage Can Termites Cause? 

Termites are feared because they cause costly and even hazardous damage to local structures. They can cause trees to collapse onto roofs that they’ve also weakened by chewing through for weeks. The thing most people don’t realize is that the signs of termite damage can be subtle for a while before an infestation leads to these kinds of obvious structural issues. It’s why annual termite inspections are advisable, and why you should turn to the experts for ongoing termite control. 

Aiken Pest Control provides protection and removal services to keep your Aiken home safe from termite damage. Contact us today to learn how to get started. 

Why Does My House Have Termites? 

No one should assume they are at zero risk for termites. Every home is either built out of wood or contains lots of items inside for termites to be drawn to. Because human developments overlap with the woodlands that termites naturally thrive in, every property owner in Aiken needs to be careful. 

Part of being proactive is seeking the help of trained professionals for termite inspections in Aiken. Pest control experts know how to look for the often subtle signs of termite activity, as well as problem areas around your home that might put you at a higher risk for infestations. 

With help from Aiken Pest Control, you’ll never be caught off guard by pest problems, and we take special care with our termite prevention and control measures because we know how serious these pests can be. 

Contact us today to get started. 

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Termites? 

Many pest problems can be tempting to try to address on your own, but termites should not be one of them. The stakes are too high for you to waste precious time and money on DIY solutions that probably won’t work. Termite colonies can be large in number, and unless a treatment eliminates all the eggs and reproductive females in the population, they can grow right back. Professional termite treatments are designed to account for all of this while driving destructive termites out. 

Your home can stay protected with our Aiken termite treatments, so don’t hesitate to contact Aiken Pest Control to truly take care of termites.