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How To Handle Spring Pests In North Augusta

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As the spring emerges, so do many of the undesirable and potentially harmful pests that aggravate homeowners in the North Augusta region. During these months, local residents should assess their property for any maintenance concerns and perform any needed cleanup of overgrown vegetation on the exterior areas of the home. 

Are you noticing significant pest-related activity in or around your home? Speak with a local pest control company like Aiken Pest Control that will solve existing concerns and identify property conditions that will likely encourage unwanted critters. An experienced professional who operates in the North Augusta pest control industry is well-suited for getting rid of pests that are creating frustration using many of the new home pest control products and application methods. 

Common Spring Invaders In North Augusta

Some of the primary seasonal pest control concerns in the spring include termites. During the spring months, North Augusta property owners should recognize that “swarms” of winged termites often appear, which is an indicator of potential problems with these wood-destroying pests. Ants are another likely pest that resides in colonies in residential areas and will venture indoors seeking food. 

Stinging insects might also build nests during the spring, such as yellow jackets within ground holes and crevices. Rodents such as mice, rats, and gophers are another potential problem during these months. 

The Problems Pests Can Cause In Homes

Certain types of pests can pose direct risks to humans, including mosquitoes, which are a public health problem as they act as vectors for a host of diseases. Stinging insects, particularly those including paper wasps and yellow jackets, are potentially dangerous flying pests that will defend their nests with painful stings. 

Some types of pests are associated with property damage, such as termites and carpenter ants that erode wooden structures. Mice and rats also have a bad habit of chewing on things, which is problematic when this activity involves wires and cables within your home.  

Six Natural And Effective Springtime Pest Prevention Tips

Property owners in the North Augusta region seeking some of the most effective natural home pest control tips should review the following list of best practices:

  1. Adopt diligent cleaning habits, particularly in the kitchen, as spills and crumbs will attract a host of pests. 
  2. Properly dispose of any trash containing food scraps by promptly placing them in sealed garbage receptacles.
  3. Repair any damaged window screens that might allow access indoors.
  4. Install sweeps along the base of any exterior doors where needed.
  5. Limit bright outdoor lighting near entryways, which attracts many flying pests. 
  6. Address any plumbing problems, such as leaky garden hoses or sinks.

The aforementioned preventative pest control measures represent viable options for limiting the likelihood of experiencing an intrusion involving many pests. Bear in mind the importance of responding promptly when significant pest-related problems surface by requesting assistance from a team of trained specialists like Aiken Pest Control. 

You Have Better Things To Do Than Worry About Pest Control

Are there any experts in residential pest control near me? Look no further than the pros with Aiken Pest Control. We remain among the leading home pest control companies in North Augusta. 

After reaching out to Aiken Pest Control regarding a burdensome pest in or around your North Augusta home, one of our friendly and highly skilled technicians will visit the site. When it comes to treatment, our team is a truly full-service provider that will create solutions for problems with spiders, cockroaches, termites, and an array of other worrisome invaders. 

In recent years, we have further improved our year-round home service plans that feature visits every quarter from a service professional. Our pest protection plans address more than 30 of the most prevalent creatures that frustrate homeowners in the North Augusta region and account for seasonal variances.

Contact our office today for further details.